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I picked these up a few days ago and have been fairly impressed with them. I bought them mainly for the ANC/wireless features and was less concerned about the audio quality. I would describe the sound as warm, bass heavy, not much extension up top. That said, my daily drivers are Fostex th900s so they are completely two different headphones for different budgets. You have to appreciate them for what they are ; Great wireless, noise canceling headphones that are not overly...
You could just get the schiit fulla for $79. 
If you dont like them send 'em back!
That seems to be a pretty fair description. Plus its a lot easier to rent/audition headphones today that are sold on Amazon.
I owe it to myself to one day try the hd800s at least, but for now the 900s have fulfilled my thirst for 'endgame' headphones. Just like the lcd2.2s did for about 2 years, which sadly I am probably going to sell now.    The only itch I have right now is a new DAC. I was hoping to be satisfied with the WA7's internal dac, but it is lacking when compared to the Bifrost uber from Schiit. IMO they really give the 900s a decent sense of space when compared to the WA7s dac. 
The more I listen to the 900s the more I love them. I held off for a long time purchasing them because of the treble complaints, and recessed mids. I am pretty sensitive to hot treble, and coming from LCD2s I was used to amazing midrange.    Since day one the treble has never been an issue with me, and maybe its just good synergy with my WA7, but I never felt the mids were recessed.    Side note: The 900s pair really well with virtual surround DSPs like dolby headphone...
Also, if you want to save some money the Akg 712s with some schiit gear will definitely work well. Before I upgraded I used my Asus sound card for when I wanted Dolby surround, else used biifrost>Asgard2>Akg Annie's and it is a pretty decent setup. I used that for gaming/movies, and used my LCD2s for music. Instead of an asgard I would go with a Valhalla in your situation.    Since I got the Th900 and my woo audio WA7 I'm considering selling my other phones and my Asgard...
I recently added the TH900 to my collection and all I can say is WOW. The bass is absolutely amazing, and imaging/soundstage is pretty spectacular as well. As an added bonus the th900's are fantastic with virtual surround dsp's for movies/games. From what you described, I would safely say the th900s would be an endgame headphone for you.
These fostex th headphones are fantastic. I personally own the th900 and they have completely changed my perspective on headphones. They get so many things correct and still have fun bass you usually don't get in reference headphones. If anybody is on the fence I'd say at their current retail price you can't go wrong.
Bifrost uber > Wa7> Th900 = . So good.    I just upgraded to the Wa7 last week and have had the th900s for about 5 hours. I wasn't going to upgrade headphones, but I really disliked the WA7 with my LCD2s. Mids waay to froward. 
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