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That is the very first time I have heard the D7100 being on the same level as the hd800. Different strokes I guess, but honestly at $1000 the D7100 faces some serious competition. 
Very true. Hell just good MidFi headphones are going to cost you $400+ brand new. 
Sennheiser hd600's used, and a bottlehead crack kit. If you are thrifty that can be had for $500 bucks. It would take some DIY but the end results are pretty awesome. Then you could save up for a decent dac.    Hifi is soooo damn expensive. 
I honestly don't mind heavy headphones. I guess its one of the few perks of being fat 
Does anybody remember who it was that mods headphones and adds microphones to them? I think it was Tommy Boy or something like that. Anybody know if he is still taking on work?   ETA: I found his google+ page where he posts.
Exactly. For me its about how many hours I will be entertained. When you compare gaming to any other activity you can do outside the home, gaming is a pretty good value. 
I wanted to share something I have been trying out over the past few weeks. As many of you know, there is a 'bass port' mod for the akg k7 series of headphones. Well, I modded my AKG k702 annies, and I am really loving it. The extra bass is a lot of fun. I'm sure I gave up something, but I only use these for console gaming atm. Which, is overkill because I am only able to use a stereo signal until my HDMI splitter gets here.    Also, I wanted to share how I overcame the...
The wouldn't be able to make them fast enough. The astro mixamp is a good product, that is lacking in the audio quality department. The low audible hiss, lack of DTS, poor quality audio connectors that break easily. All that being said, it is clearing the best external solution currently for console gaming, PC gamers have the luxury of a sound card.    But this goes further, it would also sell well for people to use with their TV for late night movies. 
This is my ultimate wishlist product for gaming. 
+1 Edit: Im late to the party, also posted in the thread. Thanks a lot Chico for making it. Who knows, maybe 2015 will be the year FiiO breaks into the gaming market. 
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