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AKG K701 - in great condition however the bands holding the headband are no longer elastic and need to be replaced but does not affect functionality of the headphones. will come with original box and accessories. Looking for $140.00 shipped via PP (fees included).
Woo Audio HP Stand - in great condition. original screw connecting the stem to the top is stripped and broken, but will come with replacements. Looking for $65.00 shipped via paypal (fees included).
Sennheiser MK8 Microphone - in like new condition with no damage. Functions perfectly and will include original box and manuals as well as a popguard filter. Lookint to get $400.00 shipped via paypal (fees included)   Rode Mic Arm - Some paint chips here and there, was like that when I first received it but didn't care because it functions perfectly fine and does its job. This is for the desk mount version and will come with original packaging and accessories. Lookint to...
Sennheiser HD800 - in alright condition, lots of paint chips, especially around the edges. FULL DISCLOSURE: the hinge on the left driver is loose and makes a spring noise when turned, however it is completely inaudible when the headphones are on your head. Drivers are great and balanced, and s/n is in the lower 6xxx. the headband padding is pretty worn out and definitely needs to be replaced, but the earpads and cable were just replaced. includes original packaging and...
Looking to sell my Swan M200MKIII speakers. They are in great condition, there is only one paint chip on the metal ring surrounding the driver. Selling for $260 shipped via paypal (fees included).    PM me if you are interested. Also located in San Diego/Los Angeles area if you are looking for local pickup. We can work out a price for that depending on far I have to drive.
Interested in the rockets, would like to know if it has original tips, accessories and packaging. Let me know.
Hey willing to sell the tips separately?
Looking to sell my recently purchased Sennheiser HD700. I am the third owner over a relatively short period of a few months. No scratches, dents etc. The headphones are in like new condition. Comes with original packaging and accessories (i.e. manual). Want $400.00 shipped via paypal (firm). Will post pics but must mention that I only have camera quality photos so you won't be able to see much.    Previous...
Looking to spend $1200 for the K10U or $850 for the HD800 shipped via paypal. Want with original box and accessories, paperwork, etc. Let me know if you have one or the other for sale!
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