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Hi porkfried. Yes, I will consider shipping to Canada & the US at the buyers expense for shipping costs and packing materials. 
Gain is 8. I will get the dimensions and update the post. Thanks for your questions!
Built by the best :) 
Hi everyone,   Up for sale is a Dynahi with AMB Sigma 22 PSU in a par metal chassis. The amp has a 1/4" headphone jack, binding posts at the back, and a DACT CT2 stepped attenuator (it may just need a bit of contact cleaner if i had to nit pick). This amp has been great with my HD800, K1000, K701, and K340 but I think I have one amp too many at this time. Asking SOLD!+ shipping (or best offer). I am willing to ship to Canada...
Very eager to read your detailed review :)
Username: xand1x   I would like to see the Sennheiser HD800S featured.
Count me in!
Back up for sale is a pair of completely stock AKG K340s in overall good condition. The only issue with these headphones is that they need a replacement set of elastics. This is a simple fix and I do believe there a few threads that outline how to perform this fix. Pictures are pending but please feel free to PM me with interest. Asking $220 (or best offer) shipped to Canada or the US. Payment via paypal. Thanks!   My feedback under the old...
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