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Count me in!
Back up for sale is a pair of completely stock AKG K340s in overall good condition. The only issue with these headphones is that they need a replacement set of elastics. This is a simple fix and I do believe there a few threads that outline how to perform this fix. Pictures are pending but please feel free to PM me with interest. Asking $220 (or best offer) shipped to Canada or the US. Payment via paypal. Thanks!   My feedback under the old...
Hey everyone. Up for sale is a Logitech Squeezebox Classic (SOLD) and Controller. Both both items and they are in excellent condition (pictures pending). The Squeezebox Controller is $125 shipped. Payment via Paypal and I am willing to ship to Canada and the US. Logitech Squeezebox classic (silver and black with white remote) SOLD   Logitech Squeezebox controller - $125 includes shipping   Here's my feedback under the old system (buy with...
Looking to purchase a Sennheiser HD800 in excelllent condition (and aftermarket cable if one is available - terminated to 4pin XLR or 2x 3pin XLR). If you have one available for sale please PM me (I would also like to know general range of the serial #. I.e. 10xxx). I am located in Canada so you must be willing to ship here. Paypal preferred for payment. Thanks!     Please see my feedback under the old system for confidence:
Is your parasound stock or modded? The second picture which shows internal caps and power supply is a MODDED parasound d/ac 1100HD with cetoole's discrete I/V. In the event that you do own this modded version you may want to clarify this. If not it would be helpful to indicate that this is not your dac.    
Good luck! They are special headphones for sure :)
I actually own your dynahi now! (The black par metal case with Sigma 22)
There's gotta be more interesting gear in the GTA :) I will keep you guys posted on my attendance. If I come I can provide any of the gear listed in my signature.
Yeah i got KS working from my dedicated sound card. I find it difficult to tell the difference between DS and KS when both are optimized though. Probably just makes sense to stick with KS!
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