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First of all I hope I win them :-)! you guys are awesome for constantly innovating some cool and fantastical value audio products.Keep it up! I have the FIIO X3 1st gen, sad that it didn't get much love from you guys after releasing( too soon!) the 2nd gen. Wish FIIO runs a FIIO X3 2nd gen Trade+ cash offer in exchange for the 1st gen, I'm sure many like me would benefit from it :-)
winners list please! oh boy! oh boy! cant wait :-)
Hi, My first entry into audiophile world was with RE-ZERO & still have them. and then bought RE-262, RE-400 ( died after warranty :-( ) Re-Zero still going on strongly. Always been a Hifiman fan wanted to tryout the HE-400 and HE-500 Thanks for the opportunity to win. Hope I win :-)  
13.2 lbs 15.6 lbs 16.6 lbs 
a) ifi iReducer series      ifi iReducer 1x (where x =12db so 1(12)=12db)       ifi iReducer2x (where x=12db so 2(12)=24db)   b) ifi iSmooth series Hi-fq12 & Hi-fq24   d) ifi iSonnet12/ iSonnet24   (Sonnet- a poetic form)
Started with Balanced-Re-Zero-then bought- Euphonic-Re-262-Now have the Analytical-RE-0-How could I resist not buying the-RE-400. Now if only I can have the privilege to a HifiMan HM700 Pleeeeeeeeease :-)    From a loyal fan of the Hifiman Sound-"Good luck to Hifiman Team and wish many more Superb products".
nice review  i've ordered The XBA-1 today for $68. since the XBA-1 is a single BA, do you think it would have better soundstage, less bass bloat on mids and clearer highs compared to XBA-2 at the cost flat bass?could you audition both and then decided on XBA-2? 
I would suggest u buy the Hifiman Re-zero not RE-0 you will not regret,Great balanced sound a little emphasis on mids but very detailed & textured mids,highs are there with the mids again very detailed yet very smooth & good extension,bass quantity is very low but the quality is unbelievable.It might take a little time for sound signature to settle down(50-60hrs)  unlike BA's,once it does, its gonna be hard to listen to any other IEM of lesser SQ .The latest batches have...
I own a  PL50 from past 1yr & love em still but was looking for an upgrade, 4 days back i got my RE-ZERO's and i'm liking it more than the PL50. after about  15-16hrs of listening my initial expressions of the ZERO's compared to PL50 are the mids are more smooth & liquid and have more texture & clarity  than PL50, Treble extension,smoothness  and clarity are far superior, The lows are where i'm not able to tell which has more quantity but i feel the RE-zeros go as...
Nice ClieOS, was waiting for this review from past 4 months,  I completely agree to your impressions on Gr06 -"much more upfront in the vocal and thus makes it less versatile when it comes to genre compatibility" &"Treble actually extends slightly further than GR04, but also feels slightly more busy as well. While it is crisp, it is not as clear as it can be as it can be slightly grainy at time"  Treble can sometimes get mixed or rather unclear but just there like,...
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