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 Oh wow. 8mm. Pretty thick imo. Welp, I'd never want to use T50RP as a portable. too big for me lol.
 Ah yes. I was told not to braid too tightly. And you use it outside? How thick the total diameter of the cable if I may ask?
 Very nice and neat. I'm planning to do something like this too in the future. How's the cable microphonics? And is it stiff on the verge of being annoying?
 Lolwhut. My post is quoted as deadly? HF is getting worse these days.  D'awwwwwww kitty!!!
 Dat texture doe. So how coloured was it?
 I'm not really sure what did P4G improved from the original P4 except for a few extra cutscenes. Oh and Valentine's Day is a trap. And the new character marie and her sidequest. Overall, the game was really really awesome. I think I finished the game in 80+ hours on my first playthrough? Not sure. Rise's trophy is a PITA though Ooooooooo more JRPGs next year for PS4 and VITA. A good year to get PS4, especially that limited edition Dragon Quest PS4~
I was expecting an answer based on your personal knowledge and experience. But what I got instead is a fact sheet on how to take care of silk fabric and not answer my questions. Oh well, best of luck to you then.
 And I'm also thinking of getting one too. Time to jump to the bandwagon. What with the upgraded display, playing MH would be less of an eyesore. Hopefully it'll at least be the same price right now.But I'm worried that it'll be too sensitive, like the ones in laptops. Those things are like what, 8000dpi sensitive? LOLAnd also another concern where the the new shoulder button will be accidentally pressed if we press the usual shoulder buttons (I dunno the name of the...
 Project Phoenix. Still waiting for the beta. should be released by the end of the year? Anyway, so about that new 3DS... Anybody planning to get it? Seems like a fine time to get it. I feel like it's actually Nintendo 3.5DS since it's of different hardware but still the same overall design. Kinda like iP4 to iP4S. I just wish they make the standard analog instead of a clit mouse. Not sure how sensitive it is cause I never used any GameCube controllers.
Which brings me to my next question : What happens to silk when it absorbs a lot of sweat and in long term? Will it wear and tear like most pads? Oh and also isn't silk very smooth? I mean, it'll be pretty hard to keep it stable since it tends to slide easily.
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