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I don't have any knowledge on using REW, so this will be my first time to do it correctly(admittedly, I did try a long long time ago, but only failed to get the proper management and I gave up since).   So currently I'm trying to calibrate my mic by using my current headphones, namely the Q701, so that it matches to existing measurements around the web. I found that there were parts of the graph that were different compared to other measurements. So my questions...
Very interested in testing this headphones. Would be fun comparing with what I have right now, even though not much. Hopefully I get picked.
 You should, if the key costs $20 + office 2013 costs $15.
 That's a.... very DIY :PWonder if it'll melt though? If it does work well, I think I'll just upgrade a new cooler instead. Hmm....Just did a quick reading. Seems fine. Guess I'll do just that lol.Thanks a lot y'all! /me ninja mode 
 LOL.  Oh right, I forgot I had an extra 140mm fan. I wonder if there's a DIY mod to fit it on the 212 heatsink. Hmm.... And also, for ease of understanding, here's the CM fan on my 212 vs my noctua 140mmhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/wzyaufwgqdjphpy/VIDEO0004.mp4?dl=0
 Like I said, it's basically a dual fan setup or single fan-that-is-better-than-the-single-fan-used-in-the-dual setup. Maybe, but don't think anyone would buy an entry heatsink(minus the almost dead fan) only. Plus I don't have enough money to get a better cooler overall.
 Unfortunately, they don't sell any other high end fans here except Noctuas. And not planning to import any fans cause I need them in a few days.  I don't mind the silence really. All I care is about the performance. So I' fine on that I think. Both fans are probably the same really, except the RPM and construction, so I was thinking it boils down to having 2 fans or 1 fan on a heatsink.  Maybe there are more to think about, but I'm not that much knowledgeable on fans either.
/ninja mode off   I do hope there's a lot (more) people knowledgeable about PCs in here now. I have a question.   So my CM Evo 212 fan is about to die(more like not spinning on start, have to manually push it for it to start spinning. Too lazy to bother, great excuse to buy anew fan anyway).  So in the market for a new 120mm fan. Being the third world country I'm living in with its currency currently falling, the only good fan choice I have sis the Noctua. So here's...
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