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    Glad to hear it works as normal as headphone cables do. Woot! Thanks guys
 Ah yes, I guess I should explain more. Sorry about that. I am using this with a desktop amp that is designed for headphones. My friend, the one who made it guaranteed that it should be enough to drive my speakers(albeit up to a certain level), because he had tried before with his speaker sets. So I need the TRS connector to solder all the 4 ends(2 for each side) in the configuration similar to headphones do, which is L, R , Ground(for both sides). This TRS jack will then...
Hey guys, I have a question. I have a pair of 2 conductors(?) cable that I got from my speakers. Planning to solder one end of both of them to one 6.3mm TRS connector(so that means L, R, ground for both L and R) to the speakers. Good or bad idea? They are passive speakers and I'm only doing this as a first step before I buy a speaker amp.   P.S : Yes, I know it's kind of a silly question lol.
I don't have any knowledge on using REW, so this will be my first time to do it correctly(admittedly, I did try a long long time ago, but only failed to get the proper management and I gave up since).   So currently I'm trying to calibrate my mic by using my current headphones, namely the Q701, so that it matches to existing measurements around the web. I found that there were parts of the graph that were different compared to other measurements. So my questions...
Very interested in testing this headphones. Would be fun comparing with what I have right now, even though not much. Hopefully I get picked.
 You should, if the key costs $20 + office 2013 costs $15.
 That's a.... very DIY :PWonder if it'll melt though? If it does work well, I think I'll just upgrade a new cooler instead. Hmm....Just did a quick reading. Seems fine. Guess I'll do just that lol.Thanks a lot y'all! /me ninja mode 
 LOL.  Oh right, I forgot I had an extra 140mm fan. I wonder if there's a DIY mod to fit it on the 212 heatsink. Hmm.... And also, for ease of understanding, here's the CM fan on my 212 vs my noctua 140mmhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/wzyaufwgqdjphpy/VIDEO0004.mp4?dl=0
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