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 Yeah it is. Well, sorted everything and all is well. Thanks to this thread for the advice too!
Ah OK. Got it :D
 Lol no. Not sure how to describe but, I'll try this :Remember when the first time you open up a stock T50RP and the drivers were in a diamond configuration? I know which edge the left driver is because there's only one way it can fit and the stock audio jack helps to determine it. But for the right driver, it can go both ways : The original and upside down. What I meant was the latter. How to determine which edge was the up and which one is down. Unless of course, that...
Umm, I have a problem. so I went on modding my T50RP. After cutting the cables (cause I'm recabling), I forgot to take note which side up was the driver. Anybody can tell me how was the stock configuration? I'm just worried that I'll mess up the sound direction later on. Thanks
 It's not the aesthetics problem though. I'm just worried that because of this, I'll get some weird problem on my headphones and may even damage my driver or something.
 Ah drats... Can't take it. Too small to see unless I use a macro lens :P
I have a noob question, I accidentally melted a bit of the cable insulator on the conductor. Is it still safe to use or should I change the conductor?
 I actually thought the metal strain relief clamp is the ground lug lol. Yeah, maybe I should just do only that.
Another question, if I want to use the shield to the mini XLR's ground lug, is it OK if I make a braid together with the conductors (as in 2 conductors+1 shield twisted into a wire)? Or don't bother with it and just cut it altogether
 Basically what I had initially concluded too, but wasn't confident enough. Reading this helped me too : for the advice
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