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 Can't really say for sure if that model has the same screen, considering based on the model code, it's different. I referred to, of which i can't guarantee legitimacy, but he does have the calibration file. Of course it's linked from notebookcheck, so I'm assuming it's trustable enough maybe? Those MSI laptops look really fine and seems worth the asking price. Still not as sexy...   It has that 100% SRGB based on notebookcheck that every recommends you (and what you need) and it has your underpowered 960m in it. And it looks sexy AF compared to that Y700 monster.So win-win situation. Now let's just keep the thread going.    EDIT : OK, the review unit has a 4k screen, so i'm not really sure now, but whatever
 Inb4, xposed and custom rom lol
 Yeah. I wanna receive presents too!But I'll try to double up for next year or something :D  Giving people used cumbuckets? Huehuehuehue
@miceblue Uh... Sad news, but unfortunate I'll have to forfeit this year's secret Santa tradition due to a bit of financial issue on my end. Spent too much on something else. I'll join in next year's.
 oh no. The negativity is from me and me alone lol. Anyway, If the cores are not that many, I could deal with it. I'd need to find a replacement tip  (gonna need to check if it's interchangeable anyway). Well thanks for the tip.
 Don't think I have a fine enough soldering iron. I only have the same thing that you use to solder electronic components. Works OK for soldering bigger sized cables, but for this small, don't think it'll cut it. How many cores does the Linum uses? Going to have to test every cores to find which is ground I guess. But all things told, I think I'm going to have to send to someone with more experience, which probably have better tools too. Sigh...
Alright having a bad day today. Just found out that my beloved linum cable has connection issue on the 3.5mm connector side, rendering the left channel inoperable. Considering how thin this cable is, I'm going to assume soldering it back will be hell. Anybody done repairs on this? Any tips or guide?
 I blame "jurisdiction" or "geographical/border law" or something. Oh and greed.
 Yeah gonna do that soon. As soon as google gives me the keys to my account again, whenever that is. Free with ads though. Not sure implemented yet, but the hint is already there.
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