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Guess I'll need to wait for some time before I go and test the Edition S then
I tried with my HTC M8 and also my iTouch. Both have the same songs/files. It would be the case of my source but it's the same day I tried the UERR and also the M70X and none of those exhibited any noticeable harshness.
Managed to try auditioning this headphones. Was in the market for an upgrade from my T51P. The headphone was totally an upgrade. Everything was better, but the one thing I had a problem with was the harsh highs. On first listen, it was as if I thought I heard a defective unit. But I kept on listening hoping my brain would be used to it. Took a while, but the harshness was still there. The closed-opened magnet mechanism was neat and stronger than I thought it would be....
 Sh.. Sh.. SHUT UP! >.< Thanks for the waifu Mechy! THAN YOU SO SO SO MUCH!
Oooo saw that rensouhou during AFA SGT. Nice!
 Nah. I think we just need to plan properly actually. Mine barely reached on time this year. Which is fortunate for me.
 Lucky guy. I got my dose last year lol. But dayum... 2x2 eh? let's hope it's not just 1x1 and the extra space is filled with empty air. Yes, the same empty air as your santa wish. I'm an evil person lewl. JK
 I have nothing to hide. In fact LET THE WHOLE WORLD KNOW!
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