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I've heard some Ohms that didn't sound particularly appealing. But the worst were speakers that I actually auditioned in store before buying them: Phase Technology 730es. Harsh. Very harsh. Especially noticeable after comparing them side by side with the Infinity Overture 3s I bought sound unheard to replace them. Night and day. 
I'm, ah, 65, and my first Jazz epiphany was in 1963 when the marching band of which I was a member played a lift of a Billy May big band arrangement of Suppe's Poet and Peasant Overture from an album called "Shall We Swing" by Glen Gray. Bought the album and wore it out. Then in 1966 I discovered Stan Kenton through his "West Side Story" album.   I've never been much of a fan of small ensemble jazz, and certainly don't care for swing; but Kenton, Ferguson, most of...
Sony MDR-V6. Nothing else at its price seemed to offer what I was seeking. I am very happy with them. Then again I did no comparison shopping and haven't listened to anything else since acquiring these (other than the four stereo setups in the house). Their sound reminds me of my Infinity Interlude speakers.
There are right choices in everything. These V6s are my last headphones unless I'm lottery bound. I like how MY music sounds on them. And buying these when my V600s went south was one of my few wise life decisions.  
OK. My Sony V600s have left the building.  And probably cheaper to buy new than repair.  Never really fond of their sound anyway.  Still have to stay under a C.  40% Mahler and related Classical.  20% Kenton/Ferguson.  10% Bluegrass.  10%  Drum Corps/Brass Band.  20% Everything else.  Been out of the loop for decades.  This looks like the right thread at the right time.  Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  These will probably mostly be used with my PC...
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