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Sadly it is.
Thank you for the link, but buying stuff from the US is not really a good option for me as well, as the import tax+VAT and currency conversion fees gonna add about 25% to the item price...
Hi guys,   As title says, I'm looking for a minty pair of JH Audio Angie Universal, preferably from someone within the UK. Please shot me with your offers. Thanks.   Cheers.
Too bad that you're not in the UK...
Hi,   I'm selling my Oppo HA-2 in mint condition, with signs of use as shown in pics. It will come will all original boxes and accessories, except for the rubber bands. The price includes shipping fee within the UK. Buyers pay Paypal fee.   Cheers.     ========================================= Edit: Will trade for a pair of Westone W4r, UE900S, or Shure SE545 as well.
Hi guys, I'm looking for one of those cans, preferably from the UK or EU. Please shot me with your offers, thanks.
Hi guys,   I'm looking for a pair of mid-end IEMs, with the like of Shure SE535, Westone W40-50, or similar priced products in mind. I'm not set my mind yet, but would be really please if you could shot me with your offers . EU offers only please. Thanks. 
Hi guys,   I'm looking to buy a pair of Hifiman HE 400i, preferably from someone within EU. Please shot me with your offers. Thank you a lot.   Cheers.
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