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Hi guys,   I'm looking to buy a pair of Sennheiser Momentum over the ears headphones in brown. Please shot me with your offers. Thanks.   Cheers!
Hi mate,    I got my cables from here http://www.ebay.com/itm/6-Sennheiser-HD650-HD600-HD580-HD525-Headphone-Cable-/120789220320?pt=US_MP3_Player_Cables_Adapters&hash=item1c1f993be0, but with special customizations. My HD600 cable is terminated to mini 4pin XLR and there are 2 accompany interconnect, 1 to 1/8" plug for normal amp/player and 1 to 4pin XLR for the M8, as you can see in one of the pictures.     Cheers!
I'm selling my combo including Sennheiser HD600 + custom cable + Hifi M8 LX 4XLR to fund my PhD application fees  I'm the first owner of them all. They will all come with original box+accessories. Buyer pays paypal fee, shipping is on me. Pictures will follows tomorrow.
Hi guys,   I'm selling my beloved Sennheiser HD600s with the orginial cable and a custom cable. I'm the original and only owner. The HD600s are well-cared in a no smoker and no children house. They will come with original box+accessories. Will trade for a pair of Sennheiser Momentum or comparable closed headphones if anyone interested in.   Buyer pays paypal and shipping fees.
Hi guys,   I'm selling my ALO Rx Mk3-B to fund my study. The item is still in the box and in very good condition with no scratch or dent. I've barely used it so I think the battery is still good. The amp will come with the original box with all original accessories. Note that UK buyer will need to buy a US to UK adapter like this...
I'm in
If you need a good DAC, go for the Cruise. Regarding the amp, it depends on personal preference. It would be helpful if you can state what kinds of music you're listening to
It is just my opinion. If they are willing to do so and feel happy the Intruder, I will just feel happy for them
Please PM me your email address. I just dont want to quote/link to a third party cristism here
I guess you dont really need balanced output for your IEMs. I have a Rx MK3-b as well and it produces noisy hiss with my W4s. The Intruder worked fine with IEMs, but not really better than my Protector or Predator.
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