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Well I did preorder but there's an option to use an invite to skip the 4-6 week wait which I'm all for! 
Any of you have an invite? Not slept for days in my hunt but to no avail 
I'd be sorely tempted if I had the money. If only you'd waited a couple of months!
 I decided if they could survive a song from my Magni at maximum volume then I'd keep them. In their defence they did make it about half way through which was really quite impressive but they gave out in the end.
I don't mind being patient with them and I don't particularly need any IEMs as I have plenty of others knocking around but in your description in the first post you said you were wowed by them right off the bat. I think the sound's just not for me unfortunately.
My JVC HA-FX40-Bs have been around for a while now but they never did anything for me and as such have had hardly any time in ear but perhaps thirty hours burn in. They seem to have a really unnatural timbre and it's only strong point as far as I'm concerned is the low end and especially the sub bass. Can these things really improve that much past the thirty hour mark, otherwise I'll see if they can refund me for them as they really aren't that special.
I'd go for glass or aluminium as opposed to acrylic as that could look a little cheap. Perhaps you should buy the evil one off him for your second rig when you get the HE-6? (and bring it to the October meet!)
Can anyone tell me what sort of power the Corda Classic would put into the HE-500s and how that compares to the other amps people are using with them?
A Magni for the time being but I'm thinking of upgrading, perhaps to an Ember or something SS like Meier or Burson.
   Cheers chaps, luckily the pleathers are more comfortable too in my opinion (though the velours didn't get much chance to shape to my ear). Just tried removing the foam ring, I probably will get around to modding them or perhaps if modular makes another batch I'll take advantage of those. The reason I'm holding off for the time being is because I'll be better able to appreciate the sonic differences after having heard the pleathers as are for a while.
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