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Don't really need you posting your selcas all over the site.
Sunny's fine.
Anyone have any experience with the JVC HA-FX12?
Digging the Enos mention with that new-ish album of his. Worked through The Plateaux of Mirror on the road today, now on Day of Radiance.      Also -    Yukihiro Takahashi - What, Me Worry?
Got a heads up on another seller - http://penonaudio.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=167   I'm going to stick with bigbargainonline though, have bought from them numerous times with absolutely no problems. Read below, whoops.
Outdoes the swash-bucklers, he has cardboard on, i.e. no-eye. A long-overdue entry.   HD580 - the one that got many of us into the hobby, and for a large part, got the modern incarnation of headphone enthusiasts started up. I'd venture to include Grados in here to, but...well...
^^ It's hard not to be right all the time, when he puts in so much effort into being so wrong.   You can't blame him, hard to listen to good gear when all he listens to is this on replay and replay and replay.
And here we thought you folks had no taste.
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