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This might be the beginning of a beautiful scam relationship....
I'm not him but grab them from Aliexpress. I have mine hopefully coming by Friday (customs better not delay it till the weekend...). It's been more than a month for me but there was some unforeseen delays from the beginning due to luck so I'd imagine others wouldn't have it as bad.
Good to see at least one Moxpad has come in. They'll hopefully be here by Friday so hopefully it'll pan out (not as taken with the M200 as with the others on here but did appreciate the bass)   And yes, the wait was excruciating this time around. Having family ship back Taobao stuff would have been even faster.   Also buckled and grabbed a couple of those Molex dynamics.
Whoever was the Debby Downer that put this thread to sleep, way to go, you doofus.   Let's liven it up.
There's a woeful lack of exposure on most things below the $50 poverty line when it comes to the "portable-gear in-crowd" people so whenever they get souped up on something I see it as an exercise in how chance works rather than it being an actual discovery of anything. It's easy to sit in an ivory tower, put on the monocle and marvel at "how far these peons have come".   But the fact of the matter is that there was never such a paradigm in the first place, at least from...
I found two nifty little apps while rummaging through the AUR today. Cherrytree (note-taking app) AirDC++ nano (chat/sharing client) The former would have been great if I hadn't spent forever learning hnb.
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