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Lucky Warren.     
Arthur Doyle/Takashi Mizutani/Sabu Toyozumi - Live in Japan 1997 No full album links, but someone has kindly uploaded each individual track on YT. [1]   [2]   [3]   [4]   [5]   [6]       吉沢元治 (Motoharu Yoshizawa) - Inland Fish       Evolution Ensemble Unity - Concrete Voices       山下洋輔 (Yosuke Yama****a) - First Time       豊住芳三郎 (Sabu Toyozumi) - Water Weed       高柳昌行 (Masayuki Takayanagi) - Gin (Silver) Paris Session       강태환 (Kang...
Liking the price now.   Moxpad has been taking its time to come in, would love some comparisons between the two if possible.
Lowering you a chicken walk.    [[SPOILER]]
Did you follow me around during the weekends or something?  You would know, of course.
Traded (mostly ELP stuff I don't really care for) for a lot of old stuff like Smak, Piloti, with a nice street vendor while I was in Victoria last year, near the Belgian waffle vendor (that's in James Bay, if I recall - locals help me out, it's near the parliament building). They just resurfaced from me thinning everything out over the course of the summer. If I had found Rock Cirkus uploaded on YT I would have added that one in as well. I actually don't have a table atm,...
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