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Digging your own grave there, I live to disappoint people.  Honorary degree from the cat herself.
I'm guessing you can afford to be weird, now that it's all over.  [[SPOILER]]  Next year in Jerusalem....
You monster, now you're just rubbing wounds in.
I'm still confused as to who exactly is receiving the pie?   Congrats to the winners though!
I don't know, people says it'll suck, people say it does suck, then the same people says that it won't suck. Rumor mill is so high for this thing, I'm just going to end up watching if and when....   @RuckQuckers - Again, I wouldn't know, just the messenger, you'll have to check out the Asian brand thread. @Kick K - Because I wanna Schiit, everyone wanna Schiit.....
Nah, can't trust you to do any actual work around here.
And all is forgiven. Back to finding Asian findings.Think the amp/DAC area might have been neglected in the list, a quick search on TaoBao yields dozens of builders. Will one-man-outfit builders constitute as a brand/entity in this case?
No C++ yet? Come on get with the program. (Apologies for the pun)Here.
New Posts  All Forums: