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But I save the best gifs for you...
Can't handle dead fish, motorcycles, jewelry, brou, and now peanut butter? You allergic to paper as well?  [[SPOILER]]   They might be (the tips)-  And for your information they look like something out of a Kinder's Surprise chocolate egg. Get with the times.
Step up to the plate folks. WM-D6C   ...Which I can't happen to find so enjoy my D-223 instead.
No, these. The ANYMODES (which have taken months and months of non-replied emails for me to reluctantly give up on them) use armatures.   I can't claim responsibility for that dirty mind of yours... derererererere
Sister please,
  DigiSuppaGehettoZoid, you know you have a rival thread over yonder in the normie forums...
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