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I get the sense that this will be tongue in cheek and tacky? ...Of course not, don't know where I got that impression from.
  Think of the poor diabetics.....  
 That does not make sense. So, fits perfectly with the review. Yet another review to rip on? From tomorrow on, due to nefarious reasons, I get to stay home and do nothing for six days.You bet I'll be watching some One Piece, that stuff's the greatest. Oh no, Bakuman was all fake then.I want my money back.
I realize.
He made some jokes. It's just that they weren't very funny, so you couldn't have noticed.
This makes absolutely no sense. Stop butchering Uncle Ben's quote. Ah, you must be screwing with me. So the drivers themselves are ergonomic? Your mastery of the period is outstanding. In this case though, you might want to buff up on your comma. I need to get a good fit and memory cable to create this situation?All you needed to do was to put "the" before the "need". So they have very weak isolation, but they have no problem isolating.Why must you confuse me so. There's...
It's just that you'd expect more from the peeps who popularized A-T after A-T after A-T. Not even a pulse, not one bit. And the Sony Hybrid talk has been simmering down a lot ever since those impressions.   Anyways, anyone willing to make the jump yet? Even the main IM thread isn't as hot on them as I would have thought it to have been.  Although, just from the looks of the photo, the cable seems thin, and the connector exit at that angle seems very lacking...
<$100 BAs - the Aurvana 3, ADDIEM, and the UE600s get nowhere near the cred that they should, fantastic sounding units.  Would mention the A161p as well, but a Somic lookalike was mentioned a few pages back by bhazard, looks intriguing.  Of course the discontinued PFE012 would be one of my all-time favourites, just from the sound sig alone.   Speaking of <$100 BAs - If anyone ever get their hands on a Star Micron OEM/clone of the PH-001A. (ER6i, possibly the Kenwoods)...
You'd sooner get a review of the Moe.   Back to Vali - I'm not convinced. Unleashing tubedevastator JubLicks to do the dirty work.
Here I thought I could get away from TMAC this month....   All the best to your child, Billy.
New Posts  All Forums: