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No one outderes this nut. Sony alarm clock/radio, Sony stereo in the kitchen, Suny PS2 (don't ask). All with the MEGA BASS logo. They still haven't changed that part. But enough with the BASS you'll get cardboard stiffer than usual, that's saying alot.
Projection is a female dog. And of course we're on topic. Nutman, nougat. Don't need no Six Degrees over here.   Chocolate connoisseur, must be enjoying those enthalpically fallacious cables, too bad you can't pair them with the Schiitforbricks3003, hoho. And to really steer it back on topic, anyone have any extended experience with the K375 or the AH-C250?  The IM70 looks to be very cool - anyone spring on the AT BAs though? There's also that DN-900 to be looking...
^^ Uh-oh, we've got an opinionated nutcase up over here.   Give into that inner dere, embrace the pomaceous. Cider tastes great when I sprinkle some nutmeg onto the top.
I was pondering why bspwm stopped adding padding space at the top while I hadn't touched that part of the install in months - I might have sat on my keyboard sometime during this week, and I might have accidentally gotten into xinitrc and smashed a glob of gibberish after the bspwm line.  Whoops. Surprising that everything else worked just fine though.
Silly, cats can't chalk.
But I save the best gifs for you...
Can't handle dead fish, motorcycles, jewelry, brou, and now peanut butter? You allergic to paper as well?  [[SPOILER]]   They might be (the tips)-  And for your information they look like something out of a Kinder's Surprise chocolate egg. Get with the times.
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