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​for sports drinks
​All time, all of the time. Where can I sign up for the singularity? I assume Ticketmaster has it listed.
​to remove atoms
Don't worry, the sellers will reimburse them with free eartips. There's a happy ending to every story.   Unless the eartips aren't delivered either. In which case, get into floorstanding speakers.
We're probably underestimating him...probably double exponential time...
and strip malls
This is why I'm in the Fairly Decent White North, and Wink is stationed in Oz. No such platters to ruin good appetites here.​Perhaps the same could be said of all holidays. I've gotten email newsletters informing me of Easter sales in March.
​And then they bought more Chinese IEMs and made a thread about the tracking numbers for their shipments.
​I reckon that growth rate is really quadratic, if not exponential. That Arg is constantly surprising us with his latest outrageous antics, and his ability to rationalize inedible articles.
​I'd say plus. ​ ​How many woodchucks can a Shepherd herd when a Flat-Earther can form SuperPACs?
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