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Yep. I think he's also backlogged with reshells. Next (month) in Jerusalem I suppose.
79,000 Yen = 528 Euros? That should be right.   You'd think that a good portion of those ten units would be gone at this point. It's been almost 18 hours since they opened sale.
[[SPOILER]]  I'm sure there are plenty of easy and fast ways to learn for the layman to learn in 30 days or your money back guaranteed. Ruby is good and pretty. I believe there's a nice O'Reilly interactive floating around somewhere. Learning the syntax is much less valuable than the problem-solving skills you retain as you apply your newly learned syntax, at least in this day and age. Just point and shoot. If you want a traditional book approach/reference to get your feet...
Bah, almost! What could be fun (if you don't have a job) would be to write something that goes through each line and generates a word out of it from this list of words.Some ideas - Unfortunately for me I'm already thinking of shell
Usually the page gets resolved between 5-10 minutes here.   They probably aren't taking it down to rotate logs or anything. Like Billy said they're probably resetting some switch/router.
Stupidly Limpy Orthodontics Slime Licked Orally Succulent Loin Oreos Sailors Leaving Oregon Sandpapered Litmus Opposites Seemingly Liable Organs Stupendously Livid Onions Sheathing Lips Overture Safety Lime Openings Soft-serve Lemon Offerings Super Lightweight Orthodynamics
They tried everything with the poltergeists. Jude brought in some crazy strong incenses that his grandmother got ahold of in Hawaii, way back during the war. He stuck them in the server room overnight for the past week or two. It ended up giving Joe and a couple of the janitors in the building terrible rashes. They were lucky. Jude couldn't go to work for days because of his pink eye.   The city claimed that only the parking lot adjacent to the building had been built...
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