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and other astrological
​I'd purr-fer if cheese was left to the mice...or in the trash can.
​various ovarian diseases
​Everything can be explained by ghosts. ​ ​Traffic jam in the morning? Probably caused by some pesky poltergeists. Ever see Ghostbusters? ​ ​Find a hairball under the bed in the hotel room? I mean come on, you really have to see Ghostbusters, it's a classic. There's a whole scene in the movie involving a hotel. ​ ​​Your job got automated and outsourced to China? Well China has the highest population in the world, so it should also have the highest population of...
​because sodium overdosing
​Cooler than cheese. And that alliterates, so even truer.
after being smelted
and stale breadsticks
​Why cucumber? ​ ​By the way, page 800 (almost).
​for maximum aerodynamics
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