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I have more posts than you. I also joined sooner. Haha.
Pineapple rules, Cheese drools.   Well I guess that's that. Happy Valentine's Day, folks. Make sure to buy plenty of pineapples for your loved ones.
It seems that this is as elaborate as I can get. Happy Valentine's Day everyone. (I'm sure I got the date right this time around)
I have a slight problem with the 'rabid' Kuru Toga followers - most of them seem to be either FP aficionado with little pencil experience and a whole lot of flex nib bias, or just people first getting into pencils. Not a knock on you though, it's just that the reviews and popularity of these on JetPens and the community at large seem to eclipse any chance of other pencils getting a chance to shine (like the OLEeNu pencils I linked above that seem to be just as ingenious as...
The Ohto Tasche - looks extremely cool, but apparently not the best build.     Lead-economical pencils (ones that use the sticks of lead down to the last mm) - I know about the Platinum OLEeNu...     ...But anyone have any experience with these yet? The rubber grip might have turned off a multitude of the rabid anti-rubber crusade though (which is ridiculous, safety comes first kids, always wear a rubber). I'm sure I'll get an assortment of flaming PMs and...
But when you think about it though, you can get 12 of these babies for $20. In comparison, there are a ton of plasticky (but well-designed) pencils over $20. But I'm not a metal-over-plastic snob - sometimes plastic works to the design's advantage in terms of weight - plus there are a ton of metal-bodied pencils well above $20 that doesn't quite do it like the Zebra does. Really just a testiment to the glory of the M-301.   We might need to start a M-301 Fan Club, I've...
If you're referring to this - http://www.amazon.com/Zebras-Stainless-Mechanical-Pencil-54010/dp/B001CRS4EY So it's 20 for a 12-pack, which seems about right. That's $1-2 for one, which is the usual going price online (rather $3-4 is the retail markup and is more of a rip).
I would have done something more elaborate for my 7500th post.   Then again, mother always told me to stick to what worked.   Happy Valentine's Day everyone. No, wait a tick, that's on Friday. ... Happy Tuesday everyone.
Fiordmoss - Ink Bitten [1]   [2]   [3]   [4]   [5]   Also - Bandcamp.   Ifukube binge as of late.   Akira Ifukube - Salome
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