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Radicalfashion (Hirohito Ihara) - Odori
Edit: Actually, never mind, a bit mean to point it out.
I'm not judgmental. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the front end of a cat as well.   It's just that I need to take one for the team. Explore the unexplored. You're all welcome, even if you don't realize it yet.
Maybe he finally found them through the Martin Logans. We should dump him into some radioactive waste to see if he reverts back to normality. Actually, even if he doesn't, we should do it anyways. Get rid of him once and for all. Win-win either way.
I'm sure many a people before me would have had the foresight to draw phallic symbols on that stupid boxtop of his. He's begging for it, really.
Wikipedia seems to have strong evidence to the contrary.   To the contrary? On the contrary? Grammar's hard when you're hungry for horses....
A week, two at the most. Hurry up!   Late March sounds good. Hopefully this will become the meet where everyone goes out together to eat afterwards.   End game...that's what they all say. Just wait for when the Noble Gottheit 20 comes out. 34% better treble, ear enlargenment surgery a prerequisite though.   Speaking of which it would be nice to see if I can get some loaner CIEM demo units for the duration of the meet. I know someone was planning that during the...
Yep, that's why you can't trust anything he says. 90% of the time it's just coming from voices in his head. The other 10%, I dunno, a lot of grunting I guess. He's a weird fellow.
Some piping, scalding hot pineapple?   If not, I'll stick to the bread.   Still waiting for the equine main course.
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