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A Weird Thread...! indeed.   It seems Tassles is out by fiat, Pears are in.   This weektober's topic:   Regular versus Soft-serve. The power of the palm of your hand.
Love Radiolab.   Really like movie podcasts as well. Have been going through Criterion Collected, found out about it fairly recently, just in time for a slough of boxsets to have come in...   Podcasts with an historical nature have always been enjoyable as well. I think it's a good use of the medium, great brain food. China History Podcast, The History of Rome, the usual suspects. There used to a show on the history of advertising called Age of Persuasion on CBC, that...
Are there any shows that you're enjoying a lot these days?   owner@owner find ~/Podcasts -maxdepth 1 -type d | wc -l All the great shows. owner@owner echo "I think this machine needs a flu shot." Maybe you just need to clean off the dander on the keyboard. ghost@intheshell shred -n 100 -z -u Goodfellas.mkv   Seriously speaking though, there are a lot of shows out there, and most of them aren't even about computers or Markdown or headphones (although if you're...
Primarily with Chakra. I peek in there ever so often to see what they're up to. I vividly remember using KDEmod3 way back when that was still a thing so I have a fondness for the project, even though it's become something markedly different. KaOS came about from a former Chakra developer who seemed to have split off for political reasons. There's not really anything majorly delineating between the two apart from the aesthetic differences, and of course the infrastructure...
What if we Tasseled him?
The only shaking pears have in their catalog. How lowbrow.   But, I can't be biased for or against either, just not professional.
No one shakes it quite like Hasslehoff.   This fellow is a strong contender though.
Slime scrot.   (For privacy's sake, the Lisp example was a random one found off the Interwebs)
Might want to put KaOS on the list, if you haven't already considered it, considering Chakra is on there already. Another lovely Plasma, new release just out today.
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