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Enjoying the focus on rear ends all of a sudden. It's....(you guessed it) Abnormally titillating.
They're in my ears and all I can say right now is that I sort of understand the M200 comparisons. The bass is similarly tactile. I'll go over to try and compare the two tomorrow if possible. From memory though the treble pops out more and there's less of an upper-bass-to-lower-mids haze that I got with the KEFs that I mentioned somewhere before in the thread. Not to say that they're more clear overall - again I'd have to A/B them. Though I'd really take the ergonomics of...
Speaking of doofy things, anyone know if that Manos: The Hand of Fate sequel ever panned out?  Playing with werc got me watching MST3K again....
I got notice that my Moxpads got in today but I haven't had the opportunity to pick them up yet.   The Molex, the Moe, and a couple more to come in, hopefully all before the big holiday sweep.
Out of your ass, maybe.Get back in the glue...
They sold me with the vermicelli.
Only Nick uses Onbonto but way to denigrate him with your sick fancies. sick f***
Pirate ahoy...AND...everything you do tis crap anyways, don't just be scapegoating the netbook.
So that's what's with the rear end of a cat.   I've studied them for months and it turns out it's summarized all in one video. The wonders of modern technology.
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