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Doesn't the X3 have an uber-low OI (I've not followed up on that thread too). Seems their proper sig is supposed to be mid-centric with low output impedance. Anyways, glad to hear you liking them. The 600, 700, all need some well-deserved loving.   And I think I'm beating a dead horse here, but the Aurvana 3's price has dropped tremendously this year, you lucky son-of-a-guns. Way more than what I paid for years ago. I grabbed a couple in March, and I'm about to grab a...
Cecil Taylor - Nefertiti, The Beautiful One Has Come       Art Ensemble of Chicago - People In Sorrow     John Tchicai Trio - Real Tchicai     Mike Mainieri - Journey Thru An Electric Tube     David Murray - Flowers For Albert
As this review is meant to be tongue-in-cheek and tacky, so in turn shall be my response. I've always wanted to try l'ail cirée et barbelés. I hear it's quite the delicacy. Shall I read on...?  Even the FXCs?Are the actual JVC releases tuned identical with the OEM versions, or are there some discrepancies?  [[SPOILER]]   The way that these are being described, remind me dearly of the CKN70s, but (as you would so put with the CKM500) wayyyyyy better.Perhaps someone needs to...
You guys might really want to end up getting on this.
In the case of the people here, you've rendered their wallets unrescuable.  You guys want to read this, I was snorting my yogurt all throughout the piece. I hadn't the hindsight nor the resources to try them out with anything other than the Walkman/Discman at the time, so my impressions were of a slight U-shape (even then, the midrange was rather good). They are ridiculously sensitive, I'm not sure what the impedance curve looks like myself. I'm positive that they'd sound...
And for both troll and MuttGicks    
Laughing your way to the bakery I see. Well, you're always inside of something, that's for sure. Sick f***. Where's the compilation for all of the hype mentioned? Work cardboard work. Oh yeah, I'm so upheaved about the lack of piece-o-schiit-Pawnshop There sort of is (not quite, but closest you'll find) - http://www.head-fi.org/t/684159/chinese-asian-brand-info-thread-headphones-iems-amps-dacs
I get the sense that this will be tongue in cheek and tacky? ...Of course not, don't know where I got that impression from.
  Think of the poor diabetics.....  
 That does not make sense. So, fits perfectly with the review. Yet another review to rip on? From tomorrow on, due to nefarious reasons, I get to stay home and do nothing for six days.You bet I'll be watching some One Piece, that stuff's the greatest. Oh no, Bakuman was all fake then.I want my money back.
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