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Now that you bring it up...   Neither.   I just don't particularly like either of you, him more so.
Someone's probably posted this already...
It's also heck of a lot easier to edit since no root write privileges needed. I think 3.10 or 11 had some significant xhci (USB 3.0) stuff added, that would explain that. It's not the intel driver methinks - I'm getting something similar on VirtualBox. Will try to debug and get back to you.
Of course their maps still aren't as developed down there, still using imperial, of course that'd skew everything up.   $1000 is the new $10, get ready for KSC85s...
Sorry guys, it's not democratic unless there's a vote. I'd encourage you to go back to the poll with all the options that were up and follow the steps from there (you already did the latter, I realize, just might want to frame it in a more formal manner). Definitely unforgiveable.
Go compare some i7-3630QM vs i7-4960HQ benchmarks then. Mavericks might have some impact on those estimates (which, of course, are estimates - go read some reviews for real-life usage cases) Much...I mean it's so incremental, honestly, you'd be better off learning how to make more competent videos, rather than worrying about this. Again with the metal shafts. You'd think a loli purveyor would be scared schiitless of the things... Meh, care a bit less about her.
Yeah, I'd be at a lost for words too, literally. I don't really pay attention, so guess I missed out from the beginning - Don't worry - the equivalents that manage to level with the all-inclusive packaging, niceties, and construction (notice I'm not saying build) of a Mac- they run pretty exorbitant pricings as well. The Fujitsu has that screen novelty, but still runs pretty heavy on the wallet. The T440s (one I'm waiting for personally) has the fingerprint reading, the...
No one should ever wear that much eyeliner.
Oooh, 3D-printed CIEM reshells.     (Of course it's all UM/Rooth but this link explicitly talks about the 3D thing)
Who was asking for recs on a laptop?   I heard factual inaccuracies from the sexual lollipop deviant, had to come by and show him up to make up for the ramen. 
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