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I really want to say that I partook to a plethora of varied and introspective auditory delights this weekend. But really, all I had was this on replay -    Melt-Banana - Fetch [1]   [2]   [3]   [4]   [5]   [6]   [8]   [9]   [10]   [11]   [12]     But I am listening to something else right now.   Colour Haze - Tempel
I knew I forgot something this weekend - X3 vs M200 vs Flux. I didn't manage to get my hands on the M200, so later this week I guess.   Heck, I might end up with an emptier wallet and an pending order for one of those AT clones as well by the end of this week.
Great that they're back in business, I only noticed that he was planning to re-open up shop on the 9th when I was checking in on the blog last week. I don't think he's updated the main site in a while. But it seems he's been rapidly updating his blog with stuff on servicing, offerings and the likes since the announcement.   If I get back and no one's translated those new important-looking blog entries yet (I think he mentioned something about him working on translating...
I'm always insulting - will have to be a lot more specific.   That being said is it about this month's theme, or was it the political talk that had been going on previously? 
I'll update the OP as the thread rolls along, but the title is pretty self-explanatory. Plan as you wish, if it's for a large meet we can go set up in the Meet subforum but this would be a place where people could propose them, etc.   Also for mini-meets as group PMs can be sometimes exclusive and it's always fun to meet new faces.
Right, might as well leave my stuff here as well. 
Monoton ‎– Monotonprodukt 07 27y ++ [1]    [2]    [3]    [4]    [5]    [6]    [7]    [8]    [9]    [10]    [11]    [12]    [13]    [14]    [15]    [16]       Nine Days' Wonder ‎– Nine Days' Wonder       Curved Air - Second Album       :zoviet*france: - What Is Not True [1]    [2]    [3]   Karl Biscuit ‎– Aktualismus [1-4]    [13]     Allan Pettersson - Symphony No 8
I realized that we just passed the 700th page - and no one's defaced commemorated it.
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