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http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/   Searching ebay for one of those nifty Sharp Netwalkers (have a broken Zaurus) means that I might have to expose myself to a lot of this in the near future. A nice price for an used OpenPandora opened locally as well.   Also - https://github.com/np1/mps-youtube
Tacos...?   Anything other than anal glands apparently goes way over my head. Might have to dumb it down for me.
65daysofstatic - Silent Running
Maybe she's just checking to see if it's real gold, rather than a frozen Goldschlager puck. You never know with those Russians.
Cat's out of the bag huh.   All that secret sauce is wasted on the cardboard though.
Ha. Mukuro.
It's that horse meat. Got me incapacitated. Jeff needs to shower more. Back and all revved up to sniff as many glands as they'll allow me.
Don't worry, not too hard to add that in. It is Wikipedia.   But really, the topic deserves a whole wiki by itself. We want to be as comprehensive as possible. Flavor descriptors, regional variance in cooking styles, aromatic qualities of burned drivers. Did you Webbie yet? Reminded as I dragged the Dotpad along today instead of the usual, to take a metric schiitton of notes.
One page without K-Pop. Just one page.   Yes, it's hard, I realize.
No one wants to touch 'this'.
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