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It is. I do wish more people would post things of that nature. There is a bloody metric ton of "Asian Music Threads" floating on the internet (no seriously, there are more than one of these) that seem to enjoy entrenching itself with K-Pop/anisong because that's all the posters are exposed to and that's all they seem to think of when the word Asian music is brought up, and I like this thread too much to want to see it fall victim to that as well.   I do believe that nick...
i3 was one of the more elegantly written things for X when it had come out. I know some have switched off a few releases back due to some of the changes, but it's come into vogue again. Have been seeing more and more dwm/wayland mentions in my mailing lists, the teasers are enticing for a lack of a better word. Might need to get on the right mailing lists for more info though. So I've finally finished up the WMs in the lists, and some more. I think the official count...
Someone should send the Nutman some FAD Heavens, or those ANYMODEs. Also using Molex drivers like the Zero Audio stuff. Guessing he might like those.
Great stuff is right! Digging this track a whole ton, thanks!
                      So the wallpaper rotates on this rig every ~15 seconds, in this case I had to 'cheat' a bit by speeding it up so it could cycle through some NSFW stuff faster.   Here's how it looks in action -   Bit of Pentadactyl + newsbeuter going on up there.
Perhaps when my current contract expires next year. Of course I'm using that as an pretense as I never use a phone for 'phone-y' purposes anyways, the real reason is that I'd want to give it time for things to mature.
Think you dug yourself into a grave there by making fun of my mama. NO BOOTLEG FOR YOU.
These so you can pass them along to me and nick who obviously deserve them more. The Pistons look funny. Oh wait guess they'd be perfect for you then. Hmm....now I see your dilemma...
New Posts  All Forums: