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It was neither of you.    It was just me.
Half kidding of course yep.    It's very annoying to shift through nowadays, seems like the usual people have mostly given up.
I'm using an ODAC with no problems (mpd). I've just installed gmusicbrowser to simulate your experience, have set it all up, doesn't seem to be a problem on my end.   Perhaps go into more detail about the hiss, playback machine, how you've set it up, USB input stream, strace, pretty much any debug logs/info we could go on?
It just occurred to me that this was posted in the High-End subforum (For many, we don't really notice anymore since we usually purvey the newest posts feed)   You might want to ask to see if you could get the thread moved to the Introductions, Help, and Recommendations subforum, usually you'd find more people answering questions in that area of the site.
You should re-instate it then not. Peeing is everyone's favourite pastime not really.
I had to send the RE0 back multiple times during the day, never got it fully repaired, still hanging around underneath a cabinet somewhere. Of course I'm not as irrational as cardboard (don't think he's had a Chinaman yet?).
But of course.
That's all Pastel Music - check their label out, the show stocked up on the record label's artists for the OST.
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