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Honestly, I've found ebay to strike the best balance for finding great pencils. Cultpens has a couple of Koh-I-Noor clutch pencils I had been eyeing months past but ebay ended up having better prices for them when shipping was factored in. Otherwise, sure I'd love new stock or NOS but when it comes to older lead holders...Another thing that ebay has going for it in terms of the market is used Rapidographs (but that gets into erky murky inks which I definitely don't want to...
Sounds disappointing, great. Maybe there's hope for you yet. I'm just happy that you can finally open up about your basshead problems, and it's great that you're showing some signs of change by being disappointed in something for being too bassy.
Now let's take this into perspective.If he says they're bassy.... So did the troll eventually succumb to beryllium poisoning like we've all secretly wanted him to? Have those poorly mangled and mistreated ears finally met their maker? Will the demise of the corrugated flatboard finally herald the dawn of a liberated Head-Fi for future generations to come? Fnd out on next week's all-new episode of Scrubs, 10:00PM PST, right after the news.
I would have babies with that. ...Too soon?
Somei Satoh -  Kisetsu, Kyokoku and Violin Concerto   [1]   [2]   [3]     Alfred Schnittke - Sinfonia n.1     Milan Stibilj, Makoto Shinohara, Peter Schat, Les Percussions De Strasbourg ‎– Épervier De Ta Faiblesse / Alternances / Signalement [1]   [2]   [3]
Did not know this had been resurrected while I was away. Have fun being infertile folks.
Okay so a PM on erji suggests that the W40s might indeed be using a different acoustic damper like I suspected. Although it's erji so it says less than one would expect. Another H-Fers also describes them as being a more consistently fitting W4. I don't think anyone who's tried them is denying that they (can) sound slightly different at this point. I think it's all coming together at this point. I'm eager to try them but alas us unfortunate folks residing in "Canned Land"...
You're not particularly good with it anyways so give it back.
Yukihiro Takahashi - Neuromantic       54-71 - I'm not fine, thank you. And you?     Haruomi Hosono - Omni Sight Seeing [1]   [9]
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