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fresh new underpants
I don't think there is much else to add here. I use a script running cdparanoia, which is what fre:ac is based on, along with cdrdao to get TOC and pregap. As the above poster suggests, fre:ac does look a bit simpler. If you are on Linux, morituri runs on cdparanoia among other things, and has neat features like MusicBrainz metadata, as well as a focus on accuracy (although accuracy has never been a problem for me, at least practically).   I used to care a lot about...
over the fire
I've always liked browsing this thread, so it's a shame to see the activity come to a trickle.   I have been using a lot of Nioi-Sumire these days. I've inked it up in my VP at least 3 times last month (it's using the CON-50, but at my rate of writing that's still a lot of ink usage, especially with a F/EF).   (Apologies for the poor shots, the skys have been overcast all week and I could only find a point-and-shoot handy.)   I was using a lot of blue-black in this...
In a sense it would be interesting to live in a city where there are only 3-4 people to one of these massive apartments. I imagine a lot of squatters in China are doing so as we speak.   We used to live in places like these:   But now:
punishable by flogging
I've noticed that bands on Bandcamp have been providing Limited versions of their stuff on cassette. The artwork for some of these cases are nice, but i agree that it is rather strange for people to be releasing cassettes in this day and age.   There was this show I had been watching a month back, where this woman was complaining about her cassettes warping, and the son stuck them in a fridge. I don't actually know if that works (I've not tried it), but it's a good...
The Weeknd - Echoes of Silence     Anton Webern - 6 Pieces for Large Orchestra, Op. 6
cost of over
all while defacing
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