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I had gotten Slatekit downloaded afterwards, but never went and played with it. I might do so soon, thanks for reminding me. Any thoughts on Ratpoison versus StumpWM? I  get that both serve their own purposes/niches at this point, but I'd love to know what an everyday Ratpoison user thinks of the Stump.
U & Me Blue - Cry...Our Wanna Be Nation
I like Lee Sang Eun (or Tzsche, whatever you want to call her). But I would also go and check out the stuff from other artists this guy has uploaded. Very soothing, the ones with English lyrics are quite beautiful as well. A great collection of stuff that's otherwise hard to find overseas because of the age.    
Sorry for the (late) response, but since your response was so thorough I was hesitant to post something since it'd likely would have been forced and of little value. All in all, I can only say that I agree wholeheartedly with the above. And I've enjoyed it a lot as well. There's been a lot of banter and nowhere near the amount of discussions as was earlier on in the thread. I'm not harshing on banter or on the mood of the thread, and I'm not intending to put pressure on...
Maybe when enough people respond we can all start voting for possible dates, venues, etc. Or perhaps that should happen before the mass PM.   There are a LOT of names to PM, and I'm afraid that I might hit the PM limit like last time. So those interested for sure PM me before I do the group PM with GG. You can respond regarding your attendence via that PM, or in a separate one.   Here's the spreadsheet I'm using to keep track of everyone once we do get going (disregard...
Definitely, in fact if I don't include anyone (I'll probably send the PM out by tomorrow or sooner), do PM me to let me know.   Since GG is the OP he can update the first post with the master list. It'll be a spreadsheet like last time, I presume.
Sure. I still have the PM list from the last one. I'll get started with those as soon as I can.
And then there's the opposite. In fact, I can't remember why but I had you blocked (well, gee I guess it was warranted after all), and if I hadn't seen sfwalcer's PM, I would have never noticed. Maybe my life would have been a bit better along the way if I hadn't seen it at all. Maybe it would have been better time spent practicing the didgeridoo. Very difficult to get that sphincter to hit the right notes, but practice makes perfect. But if you don't have the time to...
http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/   Searching ebay for one of those nifty Sharp Netwalkers (have a broken Zaurus) means that I might have to expose myself to a lot of this in the near future. A nice price for an used OpenPandora opened locally as well.   Also - https://github.com/np1/mps-youtube
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