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The resemblance in the picture is just uncanny. Are you sure you didn't take it from my photo album?   It's okay, once you evitably burn out and get banned from your dubious monetization scheme, I get to keep whatever's left of your schiity gear and pawn it off. Maybe I'll buy a cardboard box with that money, or maybe two....wait, no those are ridiculous ideas.
  +   =   What did I say.... Maybe we can just all put our paypal info in our sig, to make things easier for cardboard.
I think everything's essentially related to dogs scratching themselves, to some degree.   Really, what's life other than a dog scratching itself (preferrably around the anal-gland region). That's something to think about before you head off to bed today, folks.
No comment needed indeed.   That's some technique he's working with right there. See that wrist action, that angle, that torque, quite obviously not the signs of an amateur.
I can't think of a money pun so I'll just stick to what works and what I know best - making fun of sf. For one, he has a box for a head. And he's stupid.I think that's enough for one day.Nick remind me to send you a CK10 to try when I do find another pair, because of the TWFK thing I mentioned a long while back. Unless you've already had one.
Sometimes people get those star tattoos in the strangest of places. I'm just saying.
Never stop trying to reach for the stars Argy....
Anyone here enjoy woodcase pencils? I just cracked a Rhodia one in my bag :P
THE SHILL...............................Appreciation Thread.
When in doubt, just sniff.         Ah....that's good sniff.
New Posts  All Forums: