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On the Chrome front that was mentioned previously - it comes with the sheer size and complexity. Was playing around with this, which has been taking up most of my free time lately. At it's very core, it's a tad bit too befuddling. With the rest tacked on, I'm suprised if it doesn't topple under it's own weight. Remember back in '10 when the binary size was 60MB...?   But at least memory doesn't leak. Regular WebKit leaks like crazy.
I have tried to enjoy the HD800s on the a-100. Just not working for me. They pick up on too much. Have had a couple of people try the combo and while their impressions aren't as negative, no one's come up with anything overwhelmingly positive.    Strangely enough the HD580s sound pretty well with them, so I'd imagine it's not a dynamic thing, just a HD800 thing.   In terms of safety - will usually keep it around 9 o'clock. I have an additional 600ohm adapter lying...
I must have missed it but how are you doofs spending your holidays?   Let me guess though: Cold, parched, and neurotic as usual? 
Can't imagine. It's very GTK heavy. I know a couple of people who've been wanting Zim for Android as well.But, hey...you could still run hnb in the default console ...  Still haven't gotten through the WM list. Almost there.Starch Linux's coreutils (that is, sbase copulating with OpenBSD's stuff) - it's basically all the stuff I've been trying to get working on my Exherbo install done, just not updated very frequently. Loving it as it fits snug as a pocket. Between this,...
To fit the festivities, a set of 5 will be alternated through this week.         ....And a happy new year ~~
A Sonion 2300 and a 2000. There are pics of them opened up on the internet. Can't recall the links. So yes, BAs.
Re: @Aurvana 3 - Last time they were mentioned (actually I mentioned them) on the thread they had just dropped to $70, pretty consistent intervals on camelcamelcamel. I'm not sure what this says about stock but I wouldn't wait for them to drop any lower.   Rest assured about sound, they are spectacularly agreeable.
Merry Kwanzaa to all ~~
The OP of this great thread has documented some of the OEMs of popular H-F offerings (like the A161p/SBA/Somic) over here. It's not a dedicated OEM thread but in some ways it is since most of the OEMs hail from...guess where....   Nevertheless, smaller outfits OEMing is probably one of the most open secrets in the world at this point.
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