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Hey look, it's an incredibly accurate depiction of the cardboard - an ugly green troll.
Of course not Nick, I think you underestimate the disparity between the $299 tier and the $300 tier. And then the $302.1 tier is in another league altogether. Don't go off spouting crazy talk, optimistically they'd be at the $298.67 tier, and really that's still quite an amazing achievement since you know the competition there is nothing but rough.
They'd probably sound terrible. Wouldn't be able to handle anything over 9000Hz.
A good majority of arguments on this forum could be circumvented by heeding these words. Thanks Nick. On some level, you can understand that people are intristically dependant on the things they buy, in that they feel that their values and self-worth are reflected by these things. It's natural that they would seek out some means of affirmation, something to believe in. So ideally, we would have monetary value reflect the usefulness and proficiency in which things are...
And if you're going to post it in the thread, I have to say that people might care less about your opinion than you'd think. Don't go off causing trouble just because you think you can make a difference. Take terrorists for example.... Stay safe and don't forget to eat your veggies.
Fair enough. Why. The Hell. Does. Anyone. Care. Anymore.
Pistons.   Who. The Hell. Cares. Anymore.   Motion carried.
Oh, and boy do we. Especially when others aren't looking. I think we can expect the same from dogs.
I'm not quite sure how that happened, but, umm, cool!
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