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I've walked by this place called Gyoza Bar + Ramen (I think they've dropped the "Ramen" part from the name?) a couple of times. The reviews I've read are so-so. However, this dish struck me as neat.
Chatting with everyone was always fun for me as well.I've been pretty upbeat these days. Hope things perk up for you!
I noticed this blurb on most of their description pages:For those who are confused, it's a reference to this show, which is a adaptation of this Korean show. I'm guessing that the CIEMs that the singers wear have grown in popularity and Pai's marketing is trying to capitalize on that. I find it sort of funny.
Yes, I noticed those as well (I joked with someone offline that they looked like kidneys with glitter on top). The shells I referred to were more along the lines of the ones you have in the OP and were spread across a few sellers way back (I started noticing them around the time I stopped posting, that would have been...around a year ago?). Especially the bore shape. Anyways, just thinking out loud there. I more or less posted that up to show the details of the tubing and...
The sound signature sounds appealing.   The change from the DTECs to 3300s on the MR3 that is mentioned in the description of the sales page had me wonder a bit, although it was mostly conjecture, about what triggered the switch. A possibility is that they ran out of stock of what are plenty of "reappropriated" BAs that come from RMAed universals (many sellers on Aliexpress and Taobao sell these stocks). There are also RMAed drivers that come directly from Knowles China...
Mostly whalers and time-travelling veterinarians. In this case, these are friends of some relatives, all being Chinese. I can well attest to their penchant for butchering any and all Western foods. Just some terrible, terrible stuff goes on at some of these dinner parties. I'd say it's about darn time for an apocalypse.
Sorry about your gear, but I mean gosh, I hope it does happen. I have a dinner party next Wednesday that I'd love to miss (they put ketchup on pasta last time I went, I mean that's just inexcusable).
How is everything with you DigiFreakonaleashfollowingtheleader? (Remember that? The thing I did with you with that long-winded username?)
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