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I think we already share the same opinion on Schiitollins, so nothing else to add. I have a long-running hate PM thread about Collins, among other things, but mostly Collins.Hey, Santa hat at work, hopefully people will get a rile out of it... I thank you. Knew there was some PS in the original photo.
When in doubt - something like a Debian/CentOS base would be a nice start. Lots of support, transparent enough that you can get down and dirty if you wish, but you can choose to avoid the complexity as well. Of course YMMV, this is just what I've noticed from other people's experiences with their first serious-usage distros.   Of course, nothing wrong with a little Xubuntu. I'd start from scratch and do a minimal network install myself, a fantastic setup.
Will you ship via Fedex? Rocky the Cat, you can keep the 1000s, I'll be taking this man's (admittedly haphazard but an endearing effort nonetheless) pie out of your hands.
Don't let anyone making fun of your weight bring you down. Stand strong. 
Not quite convinced, but I'll let it slide.   Damn it all, if that isn't the most dreadful sight I've seen in years... What would be worse is if his custom title linked to a Face Value cover by him, the whole album. That would top all Halloweens.
So it's an offshoot of Sorcerer Linux, back in the day that was a really novel source-based distro, think they're still around.    In Lunar, modules are "ebuilds" in a sense, and the moonbase is similar to the portage tree. It's just a different approach to source distros, so rather than political differences, it all has to do with implementation.   It's alright. I still use Exherbo because it walks that fine line between the holistic approach like Gentoo, and the...
Are you screwing with me, did PutFicks put you up to this?
Ingrown zombies - sounds painful already.
I'm not sure I understand what the problem is then. That'd be cool, especially since you seem like you're keen on making your case.How'd you reckon we do that though? Perhaps we take pictures of ourselves, blur them with PS, put them behind bars, and a big NSA sign on top?
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