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Better have a tart banana biscuit available for the other 94 participants, else they'll be livid. I'm sure it was.
The candy cane red is to simulate the blood of my fallen enemies on the Hallowed Eve. Delectable.    The ornament orbs are the eyeballs of many a decapitated, gouged-out feline.   Truly 'tis the season.   CANDY HYPE. Strangely laced with peyote. Awkwardly arousing. Speaking of candy.
'Tis the season.
Cats, locusts, and Gardoos, just another Hallow's Eve. Surprised people here are not out getting drunkarooney.   Merry Kwanzaa to all!
Very unprofessional. Never hold a cat like that, perfect vantage point to get scratched by all fours. You want to pinch him right by the nipple and demobilize him.The anal tract fully opens when the tail is at 35 degrees exactly, you're messing with the effusion process here.
Seems like everyone's out and having almost-intercourse on the dance floor with slutty cheerleaders dressed in cat ears and panties.   Proud of you guys. See, the rest of the forum, they're wallowing away talking about shoving plastic sticks into their ears, see that's what a lifetime of loneliness ends up doing to a person.   Merry Kwanzaa to all tonight!
The song's schiit. You're schiit. It's appalling how everyone's at home wallowing instead of getting drunk and having almost-intercourse on the dance floor with slutty females dressed in cat ears and panties.What happened to the American way *grumblegrumble* Merry Hallow's Eve, Happy Kwanzaa. 
Of course you would know about garbage, 쓰레기. International airspace, no taxes, best deal ever! Realized why wayne is butthurt about Monstar Servitudes, Best Buy here doesn't have them. 
Forgive my particularly short memory span - what had been the turning point with Xubuntu again? It's Gnome-y but it's not that bad.
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