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Oh right, got you mixed up because you and those Dunus. Would sign up but to be fair I did try them once however short it was (and I'd probably not be able to find the guy who had them again) - that's rather unfair to those who've not tried them. Something very interesting to you - must translate to not interesting for the rest of us then. Hope they never come for you. Stroke them my precious....
Didn't you already get to hear them or something?   Quote:Take with a grain of salt, but remember liking the NADs more right off the gate more than I would ever have had the M500s. Less of a nasal tone.....Just to pour more fuel in the flame. *whistles innocently*
Can't help, but the only thing I do know is to AVOID Highway Rider. It's the only thing I have of his from god knows where and I've not pursued him ever since.
Lxqt (I think I mentioned it before) ended up not building for me anymore a few weeks ago. And after installing one too many LXDEs and picking out a lot of the parts in the LXDE metapackage, realized that all I really ever used was the lxpanel and the openbox part, none of the more hackneyed tools. Which goes to show that maybe the merge with Razor will result in a more substantial product so I'm anxious to have it build again.   And if 2006 machines are old then I might...
https://github.com/xyl0n/iris   Great openbox theme, trying to get that on Fluxbox. Begrudgingly stuck on gtk due to Firefox but at least it can look good while it's at it.
Jesus Puts, just quote the Byrne then, no need to nest in all of those pictures in that quote.
David Byrne - Rei Momo     David Byrne - The Catherine Wheel     The Cigarettes - Will Damage Your Health     Solid Space - Space Museum     Jon Hassell - Vernal Equinox
No, that could possibly account for those soundstage changes that you described. Are the diameters of the nozzles the same though, and if you can see, are the acoustic dampers the same as the W4s? (which I do believe are red by default but I might have replaced them since they look grey to me, if you're not comfortable taking them out though that's fine)
Don't worry I don't need encouragement to make fun of him. It's just so easy, he's basically begging for it. More people should try it.
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