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Nothing with bores as large as those, at least from what I can come up with. If anyone can find a shop that sells something similar in 10, 12-packs, that would be a godsend.
warm and toasty
It's difficult being a parent.
My father once broke the legs off of a toy robot-thing by accidentally sitting on it. It was this crab-looking fellow with a lot of loose parts (pincers and whatnot), but the legs were pretty rigid and I could never put it back together afterwards. I think the thing I was more upset about was the complete indifference on his part for having done such a thing.
For anyone using Rockbox on their Clip Zips, some of the patches for frequency scaling that had come out on this thread were just commited to the git repo a week or so ago, and should be available in the dev builds. I've been using these patches for a while and they definitely help with battery life - adding at least a couple of hours to the typical 12h (assuming lossy files, etc). There are a couple of other patches that help, that have yet to be commited, but I do...
make it double
Opus has been performing wonderfully on Rockbox, thanks to progress on the encoder. For a while I had been worried about battery life vs. Vorbis, but benchmarks seem to show that they are performing similarly. I've been building the encoder off of the git repo and even then I've not come across any problems. During 2012-3 I had some tagging problems with some Opus files but they seemed to have stopped happening. Simply nothing to complain about usability-wise these days.
I've managed to keep myself away from Yama-dori and Oku-yama (also Doyou), as I'm not as enthralled with the colours as I was the other colours. I really liked deep teals at one point but they've fallen out of favour (this is also true for Ku-jaku, Emerald of Chivor, anything teal with substantial sheen - I've missed the train on a lot of popular things). The Four Seasons all share a similar level of sheen (although Oku-yama sheens yellow-ish) so it's no big loss. The only...
got away from
I had assumed that was what he was intending to do, convert to a lossy format from newly ripped FLAC files. Although he had not said so explictly, it seemed like the logical progression, which might have been too eager an assumption. If he is indeed intending to replace everything with just another lossy format, I would also like to reiterate that: 
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