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He wouldn't stand them. Too much of a good thing. Only trashy trash registers with the trash-can cardboard.  Back to Beats hype...
If that's even possible in your case.
I thank you.
I didn't get the fax. Assuming you're still pre-fetal then.
  The Cranberries - No Need to Argue
Seems as if they've never taught this in Troll Elementary. I don't mind if people believe in goblins. What I find ridiculous out of all of this, are the occasions where people dedicate time specifically for burn-in.   That's unintuitive as hell.    Just listen to the damned things as they "burn-in", and let them do their work.    Think about it. It's not as if the process would stop when they're in your ears.   People spend countless hours not listening to gear...
You'd think that they'd never come up with anything worse than Muzak....."Asian" muzik, might as well have Collins guest star in JATP Part II.
Unfortunately the store ran out of Lego so we have to make do with earphones. Wrong on both counts. Your wife found out about Head-Fi months ago. Didn't you find it strange that "we" were posting in the same threads as you?Now, she wants you to get off this silly site, and go grab some milk on your way to work tomorrow, we're almost out.
Elitist hipster old-is-better cred just leads to lolis.   Case in point - ii. That's just one i more than in the typical loli. Sick f***s.
IRC is too elitist. Breeds loli-enthused tendencies, not at all in line with my shota tendencies. Flat is justice all right, just not in the ways your sick minds perceive it.   Plus, I can speak from experience, currently being in several channels myself - it'd be a far more time-consuming endeavour, even when compared to the Skype chat. Sure people would finally be using something that I have a client for, and I wouldn't have to install Skype every time I'd want to log...
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