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Victor man, you've got them all wrong.   Actually, I'm guessing you don't have Fiesta And More....not the proudest CD that I own...hey $5 bucks in the cheapobin.
90's was when the ballad was a work of art, and dance music made people actually want to dance.   I love the 90's. I'll never knock that down. I just think it might prove to be a bit hard to theme unless we really work at it.
My condolences, the loss of your parents must be overwhelming right now.
Ah, that's where Warren was hiding.
That being said - here's some stuff.  
Holy schiit.   This person is the greatest person that has ever personed.   I've spent hours after each episode trying to find the songs playing, and he does it yet again, he completely outdid me.   I'm only halfway cleared ep.2, and there's been some significant gaps in between. He's managed to get all the way up to the most recent episode, no holes.   This person is the greatest person that has ever...
The nozzles aren't as thin as the True-Fits (W1, W2, W3, W4), so they can dig a little deeper - not sure if they'd be as deep as say, some of the Shures, would have to have them side by side to compare physically. But it's deep enough for an over-ear fitting IEM. Isolation also has a lot to do with tips as well, would recommend tip-rolling. Typically the triple-flanges or the foams get in real nice and deep, blocks out more than enough.
Well, they have more body in the bass to these ears, perhaps the opinions of them being flat was meant as in their presentations - well at least the UM3, not sure why anyone would say that about the UM2. It's a very width-oriented presentation, stage-wise, for sure. But everything's well defined - it's something you have to hear to understand, words can't really do it justice. It's laid out flat but has depth with each flat layer because they are layered - that's my best...
Good extension, has treble, wide stage, not overly bassy - now we have something to go by! Around $30 - that's a tough call though. For example the GR99 are a tad bit dark, and does put more emphasis on the bass then I'd suspect you'd want. The M1 might do, but I'd be worried about the extension, as I don't remember it extending quite well, though it's been a year since I had them, do take with a grain of salt.   Extension can be a weak spot around this price...
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