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Kraan - Kraan     Continuum - Autumn Grass     Kollektiv - Live 1973     Gift - Gift   The return of the Kraut....
I get the feeling that the people here might not be the best crowd for the CK100PRO sig but can't deny that it's one of the most special-sounding things around and definitely something to try once in your lifetime. Just thought I'd say that in order to bait in any potentials. $280 or whatever the ebay price was, should be fine. Can't remember how much I got them used but it should have been around that, and far less than what it was when I bought it in-store new.   Yes,...
Look are you guys not sure that's it's not 5500 yen? It can't be $5500 that's halfway over 9000.   ...   ...   !!!
Votes, we don't need no stinkin' votes!   BTW, know you're a rabid Rhodia guy. Got my Dotpad and my Webbie. Will keep the former but the latter....it's nice Clairefontaine but I might have to stick with my old Habanas. Eventually I will run out and will have to replenish with the non-90g ivory, ick. No matter how beautiful the yellow-green cover is....   I know there's a lime-green Webbie out there. Ever get one of those?
So nick can't log on it seems. I'll try to see if I can forward the stuff.   Meanwhile I can't find the metal but I do have some fusion tucked away in the playlist.     I don't have the best tastes, especially when it comes to a more unfamiliar language, so perhaps someone more versed (like nick!) will chime in sooner or later here.   Also came across some polynesian fusion but ended up sounding like 80's Japanese beach music. Which ended up divulging into some...
Actually I do believe that she is a B-cup but that's neither here nor there you SICK F***.Not to mention, she wants you to stop following her around in that purple fat suit at night. Getting calls at strange hours during the night now. Sick sick sick. How do you people put up with this guy. Glad I weaned him off months ago.
Well I'll look on the bright side. Maybe pictures will fall out of vogue one of these days, just like with you and words, and you'll just stop posting entirely. One can hope....
Google Music? I can't imagine their library is anywhere near Spotify's.
Is it just me or has he been resorting to more and more gifs than usual.   Soon you'll forget how to type complete sentences, and I mean you weren't really good with that from the very beginning. Gotta wean yourself off that crutch man, before they institutionalize ya.
You can do proxies for Spotify. I don't recommend proxies in general but that's the obvious way. After a few days went back to Grooveshark though - properly sorted stuff is nice but if I'm streaming I'm searching sporadic, esoteric stuff, or doing radio. Or Pandora/Rdio (the latter of which, very Canadian-friendly if I do recall).  [[SPOILER]]
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