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No, that could possibly account for those soundstage changes that you described. Are the diameters of the nozzles the same though, and if you can see, are the acoustic dampers the same as the W4s? (which I do believe are red by default but I might have replaced them since they look grey to me, if you're not comfortable taking them out though that's fine)
Don't worry I don't need encouragement to make fun of him. It's just so easy, he's basically begging for it. More people should try it.
You folks might appreciate krautrock or something.
***********************NEWSFLASH****************************** Anyways, if you did read, I mentioned that about them already.
Just a personal idiosyncracy, my current made-for-clip-zip portable playlist just barely fits in 4GB + 64GB, and I'd love to fit in a few more podcasts, etc.
No, unfortunately that's why I asked a few pages back on the IEMs. Search HP20 on the thread. Mentioned you too but seemed to have missed that.
They sold me with the higher capacity already, they didn't have to add insult to injury with that snappy new design.   Just got my Zip's screen badly scratched a while ago, might be just the excuse I need....
Okay grown up time now.          
Thanks for the heads up. Should I keep them tucked in the K3K like you do? Always good to get some advice from someone with first-hand experience.
I'm just not good at taking hints. Sometime I walk into the wrong-gendered washroom and I just sit around longer than I really should. So cromulent, that's like one of those french pastries right.
New Posts  All Forums: