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Is that the one that sells magic pebbles?
I bet he's on an internet farm, prancing around with the other virtual trolls and shills and goldfish. Mind those server racks!
Like Lutefisk. We'd have better luck selling HD800s to Zardak.
You're not the first person I've heard this month advocate for a purge.
Sorry about that. I ran out of Bitcoins so I wasn't able to top up on my internet snark points. I just finished selling a kid a bar of soap disguised as a new iPhone 7S on eBay, so I should have some more coming in shortly. I wonder if they could replicate the taste of phenol and my grandparent's old living room curtains. I should go look on eBay. Hey, just found a listing on a new iPhone 7S! Wow, this day just keeps getting better and better. It's an interesting topic,...
I saw that! I had watched some other videos where people tried the Bott's Beans thing (the Harry Potter ones, I think they sell them in DisneyLand) and they had a pencil shavings flavoured bean just like the BeanBoozled. Must be a easy flavour to recreate. I don't really see why that would be considered bad tasting enough to be in the company of something like a vomit bean, for instance. I used to always chew on the back of my wooden pencils. Taste is subjective I suppose....
Which brings us to... Time is a circle.
Conspiracy theory: black liquorice is actually made from recycled century egg vomit.   Though to be perfectly honest, you probably got a bad one.
There's not a stomach out there that is safe from the wrath of Argyris's century eggs.
trees versus AVL
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