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for making out
I got my hands on a Monk Plus pack earlier in the week, and have noticed that the large hooks work great for the Titans. I can use a silicone tip with a super-shallow seal, and still have them secure in the ear. I've noticed a couple of others on and off the forum mention that they do this as well, so I'm not (completely) crazy. Although it appears that I've turned into a cat, so take from this what you will. The buds were okay I suppose, but the hooks were the real winner...
boring to watch
It would be like turtles all the way up. Subjective, divisive opinions about subjective, divisive opinions. But in this case, you would add a more personal element, which I feel is dangerous, because it gets into the realm of personal remarks and slights. Feeding into the existing cesspool of grandstanding and politics between reviewers.
do in movies
Did you happen to ask if he had been sent into our future in order to battle the evil sorceror Aku?   Boy, I can't wait for the return of that show.
Spectre September (not to do with James Bond). Chinese zombies, Jiangshi, starts with a J, matches with January. The most likely scenario is that the thread implodes and we would have Winkular Winter as a result.
  I'm looking forward to Soylent being sold in solid form in the future. Like in that movie. I think it was Bio-Dome.
Great thing about the swings, is that they are for all ages. I saw a middle-aged woman last week dropping her bags of groceries to the ground and jumping onto a swing.   Potential downside though - there are always a couple of impossibly limber kids showing you up every chance they get. Normally I wouldn't care about how high up I get, I'm there to listen to music. But they're just so snide about it. Darn you and your tiny aerodynamic legs!
or nasty twinkies
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