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This fell out of my subscription feed somehow... Anyways, good to see you too. Sailor Shigure (時雨 - and it's Purple!) might have been even more apt. I got my #51 in today. Rather than a typical BB, it's more of a rich, dark blue, without any teal undertones. With a wetter nib, it turn into a deep, almost-black with this wicked green sheen. Spectacular either way. I can see why people are so enamoured over what felt like "yet another FOTM BB". On Tomoe River, with a...
A non-comprehensive list of things that seem a bit too optimistic/glossy when depicted in commercials.   - Anything about insurance or cleaning products. - Tampons. - Images of food in ads. But it seems to be all wax and lard anyways. - Cell phone/car commercials, the ones where it looks like they're refilming 2001: A Space Odyssey. - Pharmaceutical products - you have foot fungus and limp genitalia, what are you so happy about???
What could be worse than a whole month dedicated to a moody and malicious quack doctor   Macabre May here we come....
Save Wink from a Moody May!
at the baseball
tree on top
to get to
Are you sure you didn't get teleported into a paleolithic settlement during the past couple of weeks? First you're eating horses and liver, now you're pulling out chicken hearts? Did you get to try out mammoth ribs?   In all seriousness though, that sounds delish. I love chicken gizzard, and that's arguably more revolving than chicken hearts.
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