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​or a nickel
Okay, I gave it a shot and it seems like I've re-written AOL Online in OCaml running on BEAM with dependent typing and STM. Wonder if I can get my IPO now?
across the world
​sold on eBay
Can I compile it from source using awk and tmux?
​And it turns out the grandma was a vampire all along. That's why you never see her in the book...
replaced with antacids
Well, some people don't show up in photographs. Werewolves, on the other hand...
I tried signing up there but instead it directed me to an article about 10 Amazing Ways Doctor Who Saves The Timeline With NutriFact Organic© Protein Bars, which just redirects me to Scientists Measure Trump's Hands and the Results Might Surprise You. And that just links me to a PayPal form...
​Wow, signed...that's a big deal. I can't even get mine to sign his witness statement form.
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