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Dir En Grey - MACABRE     Kisou is at the moment my favourite, but Macabre is just aces to listen to. Does take a few listens though, it's one of those progressions that catches you the second or third time.
Jefferson Starship ‎– Modern Times     Mal Waldron, Terumasa Hino ‎– Reminicent Suite     Terumasa Hino - Taro's Mood     Terumasa Hino, Heinz Sauer, Peter Warren, Pierre Favre ‎– Vibrations
Unfortunately I've not seen GG online since the 4th, he might just be busy, so I don't have any way to have this progress further until he comes back. Or rather, I just wouldn't feel it would be right.
Miles Davis - Live-Evil   Sylvano Bussotti -  Fogli d'album: Aquila Imperiale con Ganymede   Hiro Yanagida - Milk Time
Netherlands - Silicon Vapor       Deafheaven - Sunbather     Kayo Dot - Gamma Knife     TMCT - Snow Beach Vol. 01
Gmusicbrowser also has verbose and debug flags, if you just force it to crash the regular output is less than useful. I installed it and tried to replicate the bug but to no avail. There are no commonly reported bugs or tickets on anything like this issue so strace would be useful as well in case it's something wrong with your system. Distro? Version? Gstreamer version? If you replicate the activity on a different player will a similar behaviour occur?
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