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It's mentioned in the comments of the very video you linked -
So the rear ends really belong to you, I see...
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.   It's definitely not my theme. If anything nick is the one who brought it up first, I'm just giving suggestions about how we might use it. 
In case it isn't obvious, Monet Sakamoto is a namesake. The real one is also a paying customer.
Not really.   The bottom one has Waldo hiding inside the pile. You can't see him because he's hiding, but he's there like Twinqinger's Cat.
You want a picture of my piece of wood?   I think this is going too quickly, perhaps it's time we see other people. It's not me it's you. Progress is literally "I have a block of wood, and the 75s I got on cheap at Winners".
We need to revive the StratoKOSSer hype, that's what we need. I'm still being lazy on mine, although I have wood ready (no phallic intended), though the original plan was aluminum.
That being said, I'm finding that Nutman November might be easier to pull off then I thought. Forgive me, those who aren't as taken with the idea, and who feel that the idea might have been intrusive/oversaturating some other preferred ideas. But hear me out, I'm only commenting on implementation, this can definitely serve as an example for a way to picture avatars in the future, or if we decide on some other theme.   It begins with the simple idea that nuts mostly look...
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