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Mutually exclusive, no? Low low entry price of 5500 yen, get yours today!
A match made in heaven. Fanny Wang get to it! They were made for this sort of stuff....
Obviously no comparison - those schiit on everything and make flatulent birds out of all of us. The pinnacle of human engineering.   But no, not directly.
THE PERV............................. ... Thread   Now presented through X-ray vision. No glory holes required.
Beautifully clear and smooth, and then the treble augments everything up the wazoo. Even if people are adverse to treble for that reason it's still worth a try if not for the absolutely polarizing experience of a hallmark phone intended for that particular sound signature. Just wonderful clarity. Everything technicality-wise is pretty good but gets overshadowed by the clarity. Definitely a strong love-it-or-hate it phone. If under any other guise of perfection, the...
In-Ears (dynamics). Sssh! I haven't even gotten to the Pros yet. But you know how I feel about them....
Phallic as usual I see.
I'm not doubting that - I'm saying that the photo in question looks like a render.
The "black matte" looks more like a render not an actual photograph.   But of course, your tastes are dreck as per usual. The 'cherry red' shells glistens in the most wonderfully incandescent manner. Truly something to pass down to your children and your grandchildren. (Hopefully you won't be breeding that far down the line)
But I don't understand.   Why?   Why?
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