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Ruining lives, seems more like it. Don't get too uppity. What happened to the bagels.
Alquin - Marks     Gaa - Auf Der Bahn Zum Uranus     Katra Turana - The End (Gradient Of Texture)     Weather Report - Mr. Gone     Muhal Richard Abrams - Afrisong     Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Music From Penguin Cafe     Tetragon - Nature     Loptimist - 22 Channels
Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Water? Wrong thread buddy. Take a right turn at Albuquerque.... You can link Tyll. Many of us do, and we've not been banned by the local bird (yet, can't speak for troll). Oooh. Tyll's got Moe....
Sorry, was reading the best fanfic ever, didn't find the time to care about Ailee.   I mean that schiit was hot yesterday, late much?
Anyone see a thread up for those old-ish announced Fostex TE-05 IEMs? Mind you, not much out about them so it'd be a bit pointless to start one, just curious about anything pre-existing.
Shame that the HD4*8/4*9 family never got a fanbase going. These things come out with some of the nicest mids around. Scary how close they get to the HD580-mids-niceness, and I've been using the HD428 more frequently at home than my mainstay LCD-2s nowadays, mostly out of laziness/inertia/lack of time and energy to hook up the full-rig.   I've occasionally brought them to meets (usually I cram the whole closet content in a bag and forget what's in there), I've gotten the...
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