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Like I said, 3rd Coast, as well as everything linked on wind's post (like I said - page 20 and beyond had a lot of people before I started posting covering a lot of ground so it's worthwhile to go through the thread for that reason along). J.ae, Clover, the people that guest-vocalled on Like. It's really like playing Six Degrees of Seperation.   Donawhale, Tearliner, Verandah Project (which is really just Kim Dong-Ryul being amazing as always but I understand people are...
Standing Egg has been a gateway drug for many others early on in the thread so I'm glad you found them. With has some staying power but Like is more or less some of the same old same old. With, Lucky, and the singles and covers you can find on their FB page.   For those adverse to Facebook, it's easy enough to turn a page into a RSS feed.   I'd also recommend digging further back into the thread as it's highly likely that you might find some other things along the same...
Shunzo Ohno Quartet ‎– Falter Out \ [1]
Common, in that we're both, at times, unfaithful to our main muses.   Plans to trade in that Mok for a newer Wok?
This week's Avatar Roulette is brought to you by the always lovely Han Hyo Joo. Only two more left to use...only two days left in the week. So it all works out.
Dir En Grey - MACABRE     Kisou is at the moment my favourite, but Macabre is just aces to listen to. Does take a few listens though, it's one of those progressions that catches you the second or third time.
Jefferson Starship ‎– Modern Times     Mal Waldron, Terumasa Hino ‎– Reminicent Suite     Terumasa Hino - Taro's Mood     Terumasa Hino, Heinz Sauer, Peter Warren, Pierre Favre ‎– Vibrations
Unfortunately I've not seen GG online since the 4th, he might just be busy, so I don't have any way to have this progress further until he comes back. Or rather, I just wouldn't feel it would be right.
New Posts  All Forums: