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Traded (mostly ELP stuff I don't really care for) for a lot of old stuff like Smak, Piloti, with a nice street vendor while I was in Victoria last year, near the Belgian waffle vendor (that's in James Bay, if I recall - locals help me out, it's near the parliament building). They just resurfaced from me thinning everything out over the course of the summer. If I had found Rock Cirkus uploaded on YT I would have added that one in as well. I actually don't have a table atm,...
Speaking of samples cardboard, slow to realize the Pete Rock one up with Jazz Liberatorz? Granted, the whole record isn't exactly subtle....
Doesn't even come close. One Be Lo got it then.He's always getting something...
Was going to do a history lesson on another P-Model-level legend - Uchoten.  Instead of digging around for singles though, found that this guy has got most of their discography uploaded on YT, beautiful. Enjoy (in chronological order).   Dohyou Ouji (1983)   Because (1986)   Peace (1986)   Aissle (1987)   Gan (1988)   Colorful Merry Ga Futta Machi (1990)   And for the lazy - a best of album
Binary Star - Masters of The Universe - A sample -     What's Waterworld? I liked this version a tad bit more, probably because this was the version everyone grew up with.     Original and Instrumental     Here's a full-on album of their stuff   End with a classic.  
Jazz legends.     
These were legends in the making   
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