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Nothing more magical than eating your friends. That's the kind of message you want to spread to children of course. Let them solve the world's problems on their own.
The second half of Love Story at Harvard is based in Korea. Rather, the change in scenery into America was what probably got drama-watchers hooked on the series which is an interesting contrast against your situation. It also has Kim Tae-Hee, which I regret to say, hasn't really buffed up her acting chops all these years later.   There's a huge breadth of content and genres available, but since you're just starting off I'll just talk about the popular stuff...
I'd rather just eat Jeff instead of, um....yeah. That way we can still remain friends.
If things don't work out, there's always the option of a lovely, bloody uprising, equine meat inclusive. No need to spend on costly catering for the afterparty feast as well.
Brainbox - Brainbox     Fields - Fields
I'd love to help separate you from your gear. That way you won't have to worry about selling it.   No need to thank me. What are pals for....
Heirs was disappointingly dreck. Was very excited up until they got to the school part in Korea. It embodies a lot of the cheesy qualities of K-dramas, but in a terribly executed way. It was also disappointing in that, while the writer is well-known for prioritizing style and glitz over substance, she really missed the mark this time. It started to get offensive around EP9, and I couldn't finish it without fast-forwarding a good way through afterwards. Dramabeans has some...
New Posts  All Forums: