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Now, you must have gotten the wrong pair. Did you order the Just-in Beaver blowup doll there as well? I can't disagree on the cable, not one bit.
I dunno. The grill looks different, but the headband and cup swivel look very similar. And as mentioned on that thread - 
Dug up the old threads on the Yams, found someone mentioning these as well -   Anyone find out if they were similar in the end? Heck the price on these compared to the Yams on Amazon...
Overexposure to JATP and Grados will do that to a person.
I'm not shilling thinking hard enough, it seems.   Now there's something about obtuse ear shapes and points, hey I'm no oncologist...
How can you tour a custom set?
That looks ridiculously intriguing.   Sure you guys can cram all that into a pair of ears?
HYBRID HYPE!!!>?@!!@! Wowwy wow wow, who expected that?
I dunno. Amplifer Worship is easy to get into. Absolutego is the real ordeal. It has to be a certain weekend, I have to have my tea heated up just right, otherwise very difficult to fully appreciate.   I know people don't really go for Solomon or Dronevil, but I think I've grown up with Boris in a way where I accept everything as they pump it out. Bummed that they've never done a full-on drone session in-concert in town (I remember a lot of Pink tracks last last fall),...
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