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I love chicken soup, especially when you pile on a bunch of ginger in there.
Thanks for this (as well as for moving it to the far right)! I have a couple of observations, mainly related to the HF-Beta theme. - Positioning of elements in the nav bar, in particular the search bar. They are currently absolutely positioned, which does not work well for every page width. - Adding some sort of transition delay as the nav bar hides/appears would make things less visually jarring. (This should be possible right? I don't know much about CSS) - The white...
As an aside. it's a really interesting paradigm shift to see people in content creation work with their tools, as opposed to those in software development. Or more generally, one can say that it's always fun to watch people with a high proficency in their skills working on something. In those cases, you see how powerful intuition becomes as a skill of the trade.
Fixes it in the non-beta (which I've not updated). With the beta, scrolling with the nav bar in focus to keep it from being hidden, it seems to behave fine regardless of the inclusion/exclusion of the code. I'd say we're all good for now :)
Culturally, there seems to be a prevaling inclination towards what can only be called the fetishing of work. You see it with upper-middle management and their complaining about the 20+ projects they have to oversee, you see it with college students complaining about how heavy their workload is and trying to one-up the other by having slept the least, and you see it with tech columnists bragging about their 2000+ tabs and 10+ instances of VMs in Vagrant. This also relates...
mounted on rear
My parent's computer from the 00's ended up staying at 256MB of RAM for what must have been a whole decade, until I tried helping them add a 1G stick (which ended up frying the board).   It's funny. I came across an announcement for the new Thinkpad, and the 24/32/whatever GBs of RAM because of Skylake. That's enough to mount my root filesystem on a ramdisk 10 times over.
and plastic apes
wrapped in plastic
I don't remember offhand what the DRI for sugar was, but after checking the back of the nutritional facts of the various sodas, the sugar content seems to lie around the ~40g mark. I would guess that after a can or two you'd easily exceed the daily limit, but I still see people chugging those large 2L cups. If I have to drink the stuff, I try my best to go with the Diet option, apart from Root Beer, which just tastes ghastly. Was it aspartame, or something else, that was...
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