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If the greens are the Balanced set, I'm not quite sure if they're new. They had them on store pairs last time I tried. There's also a bunch of different valves - the store owner said that they sent him some pink valves to experiment with. Don't quote me on that.
The shape looks like the SK Titans, and a slough of other OEMed stuff.   $10 though, let me know how it works out.
시인과 촌장 - 푸른 돛     산울림 (Sanulrim)- 산울림 새노래 모음       유재하 (Ryu Jae-Ha) - 사랑하기 때문에     김광석 (Kim Kwang-Seok)  - 김광석 1
Sick f***. I linked the source if you look carefully. Whatever you do in the washroom, in your spare time.....none of our business. 
Hey cardboard reference.I try not to remember the naked dusty man blowing "dust".... K.O. reference as well. What do you do...
It's not like I stuck in a microwave or something. Cover or original?
Someone should send this man an original CAL.
Great thing is that both are not all that bad. Enjoyed them quite a bit.
Cleaner bass than the original CAL!s? That's all I can ask for really, that and better build (which seems to have been fulfilled) which left me unable to use them as my main portable HP.
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