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Tangerine Dream - Phaedra
But best of all...
Comus - First Utterance     Bachdenkel - Lemmings
Has anyone built Chromium against QtWebEngine, or is using the dev channel with Aura compiled in?   I'm particularly interested in the latter and if anyone has any first hand experiences to share, as I would not mind getting GTK2 and all of its crummy crum off some machines in particular where this is the only thing pulling GTK in. Sure I'd just be replacing a toolkit with another toolkit but I wouldn't mind too much when it comes to Aura, especially since it'd be...
I think Bulma would obviously overpower Wolverine with her b**ching and what not..    
Hey look, it's an incredibly accurate depiction of the cardboard - an ugly green troll.
Of course not Nick, I think you underestimate the disparity between the $299 tier and the $300 tier. And then the $302.1 tier is in another league altogether. Don't go off spouting crazy talk, optimistically they'd be at the $298.67 tier, and really that's still quite an amazing achievement since you know the competition there is nothing but rough.
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