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I avoid crowded areas - I don't even like people sitting next to me on the bus. It's not really about their physical presence, or the noise (thanks to headphones). It's that a good majority of people smell unpleasant to me. Partly from the increasing prevalence of deodorant use without having showered/bathed, but I've also noticed that a lot of people smell like sour milk. I've always liked smells, but maybe I've become more sensitive to them in a bad way.   Having gone...
To me the non-plush varieties are un-cuddleable, not because of the creepiness - of which many have in spades. It just feels like you're spooning a bowling pin.   It's easy to see how stuffed animals have become the more popular choice - there's a more universal quality there.
That's 390,885 too few :)
full of wonder
I have a bottle of Kosumosu (I believe it's one of the only Iro bottles I have). I've found that it errs to a more diluted, "peachy" colour than in the picture - actually if the label wasn't showing I would have sworn that was Tsutsuji. (Handwriting in the picture is fantastic though) Any love for Tomoe? I'm finding that 90% of my time writing by hand has been on the Techo, the Tomoe white is slightly off-white in the nicest way, really pleasant to the eyes. Not full-on...
like juggling knives
terrible calamities occur
I've been trying to move things around too, and it's been very difficult to get to a layout that works for every page width (without writing the nav bar from scratch). It's good to know that you're working on it though. I actually had set it to 0.5s prior to my previous post, which led to the suggestion. I've not noticed the flicker/transition during new page loads - but I might just not have been paying enough attention. I've tried having a little element permanently...
costing billions of
receptacle of optical
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