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Almost 1/2, 43% to be exact. I've logged 14% myself. Curious what the post to total post count ratio is for people here, I realize you could probably parse your post history and come out with some nice graphs, but I'm on w3m and the cheapo Lifebook...
Tell me, tell me...
Didn't know you could read now, let alone signs. Now that's a sign....
Unfortunately, no, not that I know of.
Outside of the Japanese-only distributors, only Jaben branches and a few other Southeast Asian shops are authorized to sell FitEars CIEMs. They're very strict about this, it's pretty much impossible to get one outside of Asia. You might want to read the actual FitEar CIEM thread for more info.
Ah, you like the D.  
Delicious, nutritious, and oh so economical - what seems to be the problem here?
Not really, it was a suggestion stemming from the beginning of this month, brought up multiple times, of course since people here aren't as acquainted/cordial with the man, they likely dismissed the whole thing from the get-go.
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