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You might get more traction here -
Vented, fancy. Got some fancy DAPs in the background of the ad as well. Oooh, is that a FR graph... I think Asian brands have always been on fire - we just weren't constantly conscious of them being Asian. The OEM game is frightening. No buying from them yet, I'm still waiting on those Moxpads... you want pics/write-up of it or something? I'm confused oops that's mission accomplished for nick.
Yeah, nice rig, what about those? And how is the knob a "screen"?  More confusing than a duck nut.
In fact, they don't call you that at all, so I wouldn't even bother paying them nothing.
Aww, you didn't have to go all-out and get the 70. We would have still loved you if you had gotten the 50s instead.
Moe? IM50/70? Either way...
All-seasoned?Wow, now it's definitely a must-buy. Your crayons will never taste the same! No amp will warrant that much excitement from me.
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