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​for drying laundry
​Not a problem, I can swap them out with folds. Heehee, catamorphisms...
​for foggy summers
​filled with tequila
​from exotic backrubs
No, that's from all the constant smoking and staring at the sun. ​ ​Maybe there are no such things as aliens. That glowing hole in my backyard is probably just a beaver nest. Beavers live in nests, right?
Weird - I can't see the picture in your post at all... But then how did I know there was a picture in the post to begin with...? Was I probed by aliens and did they install contacts in my eyes without me knowing?
​never gonna stop
​I'm not sure which of the two pictures is more disgusting. Why is that guy's hand so blotchy? And what's with his nail? Nails aren't suppose to be that low. ​ ​As for the pictures in general:  
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