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Posts by TwinQY   The name is stranger than what the thing actually is. Although the thing itself is plenty strange. The literal, native name is more indicative of what the thing is.
This is from our friendly Saint Nick.
It's alright you should have dozens of these woodies lying around, ready to die for the name of science at any time.   The seal thing is probably some front leakage out of the glue. What size/shape's your glue gun nozzle? Need to get nick back in here again....
So the right cable connector failed yesterday. Unfortunate. Luckily I have some old Shure spares but they pop out almost immediately albeit still being listenable. I've said before that the connector wasn't very inspiring in terms of bulk: I like the looks of these ones though. I've asked him for a replacement and he's responded. Hopefully since the festival's ended he'll have more free time to address this.
Rejoice!For those who went to the Fujiya-Avic event (yesterday? today? I'm not good with time zones) we're all curious about how these sound...will be counting on you folks. First batch of the universals only has ten ... "1st ロット・10台限定価格"They sure look spiffy. I'm jealous of you local folks with your ramen-in-a-cup, your maid cafes, and your fancy IEMs. Some impressions - hope Anakchan...
Heck, I'll send you some extra arteries, in the very likely case you'll be needing them after that.
Oh geezus.
There was a couple of other threads long ago on this issue that had never been properly addressed. Here's one -   I am completely with you though. They really have their hands tied what with being stuck to Huddler. It's just a travesty and a shame on Huddler's part. I try not to log in anywhere else other than my relatively hardened home network.
Don't you love the smell of hot glue in the morning? Well usually when you smell that you're likely to be dead.   What drivers were those again? Did you damp the rears with anything else?
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