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Now...and forevermore. Parodied nicely in this South Park episode.
♫ Sleep Country Canada, Don't Buy a Mattress Anywhere Else ♫   ♫ 800-588, 2-300, Empire...Today! ♫   Worth a watch:
impending nuclear winter
A travelling salesman drove past a farm one day and noticed a pig with one wooden leg. He didn't think much of it until a week later, driving by the same farm, the pig had two wooden legs. The third week, the pig had three wooden legs, and finally, after seeing the pig the fourth week with four wooden legs, he had to stop to inquire about it. He tracked down the farmer and asked him about the strange sight. The farmer told him, "Well, that's the greatest pig alive. About...
Knock Knock Who's there? Europe Europe who? No, you're a poo
That's silly. Bears can't use rulers.
Are all demons ducks, or are all ducks demons? And how statistically common is the name Xeruses in the duck population? These are the hard-hitting questions we need to ask in this community. Not, "do cables make a difference?", or "does this DAC make my butt look big?".   And to the latter, the answer is always, "yes, and there is typically a risk of electrocution".
You should be fighting off demon ducks and dogs with that thing.
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