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Correctamundo's not even real Spanish! If we were to only count posts composed entirely of gibberish, I'm sure I'd crack the top ten...
where Spiderman's cousin
​grown in Kansas
Japanese "cheese" snacks, i.e. snacks with cheese flavouring, hardly ever taste like cheese. More like steeped chicken...? A very confusing flavour. But I think they got this one right... The negative effects of commercialism can not be overstated enough.
​It might have been well-wasted, but was it wasted well...?
​fortified with fibre
​stacked cereal boxes
​Tony the Tiger always said "They're Gr-r-reat!", never "They're Fer-r-rmented!". Someone would have sued.
#1. wink (333 posts) #3. TwinQY (222 posts) It's almost as if we did it on purpose. There goes one week down the schiithole.
released in MQA
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