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Some clearer, larger-sized screenshots of the cans in question.     This one shows some markings/grooves on the leather, possibly a major hint to this case?       The crazy thing is that it's 5AM here and I'm still digging through the internet to find these.
You sure about the overseas part? I shifted through the various Fujiya coverings, some of the threads on the meet subforum, Innerfidelity, and couldn't find anything with spiders on them.   Would you like spiders with those Mentos? That'll be two coupons extra. Tarantulas will cost an additional fee.   Still no luck, will post the Korean shops I shifted through later, but first will give it one last shot for the day.
Wowzers, now that's dedication! They look akin to the Philip Fidelio style of design but that style always struck me as being inspired by vintage stuff.I had plans to stay in bed this weekend and finish watching that drama. Might have to reschedule....
They are either something obscurely new, or more likely, vintage. If anything we might have to email KBS or the writers. That's a last resort though. Very doubtful they'd respond but you hear stories of things like that working out.   It was one of those instances where I was struck by the design more than anything. Does not often happen apart from the SZ1000/2000. It does look like the back is open and while watching they looked a bit more porous than they do in the...
These threads pop up on the forum ever so often and can be very interesting. I was catching up on my shows (Trot Lovers, Episode 6) this weekend and came across a particular looking pair of headphones worn by the lovely Eunji. It might just be that everyone and their grandmothers knows of this model. In which case, props to you for teaching your grandmother how to navigate the Internet! It was the damned mouse which I never got her to acclimate to.   I'll be the first...
Masamichi Amano, Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra - Giant Robo The Animation Original Soundtrack I, II, & II       Phantom Orchard Orchestra - Trouble In Paradise
Kim Ah-Young aka Yura of Girl's Day posing with some fried chicken drumsticks for BHC Chicken.
That's actually not a bad idea at all. Set up iTerm2 + Homebrew, play with some open source software (like mpv). It makes working on OS X very pleasurable. I highly enjoyed that workflow whenever I was stuck in front of a Mac every blue moon, and really, there's a big realm of *nix-y stuff opened up to you as a result.
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New Posts  All Forums: