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​in a rock
Looking back to when this thread was made, D. Rulers would have been in full swing then. I poked my head in at that time to see how the game had progressed, having dropped out of the game around the time of Tour Guide. I grabbed YGOPRO, at least, that what I believe I used. I don't think the Linux version was out then and I had to use Wine, but I could be wrong. But then, even the AI deck managed to completely destroy me with Dragon Rulers. It was just very discouraging to...
selling car engines
Just give it some time...
drowned at sea
Ready to blast through that monthly ranking with a solid 500 posts on the Three Word Story thread?
You can post them and say they're not real. More like most invasive lobotomy in the world. I'm replacing your picture on the milk carton with a purple elephant.
Yes, buying groceries from eBay....I'm sure that'll turn out wonderfully. Just hope that they have a good return policy.
​The displeasure's all mine...I'm not sharing.
​and dead seagulls
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