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Thornapple - 난 자꾸 말을 더듬고 잠드는 법도 잊었네
Assuming you mean to say that you defecate in sinks, it's no wonder you finished it all, the lack of hygienic boundaries gives you a big leg up above the competition. You should become a professional speed eater. Or a janitor. If that's not already the case.
These shop probably underestimate the quantity of copious bottomfeeders like yourself. Can't turn a profit in a town where it's cardboard as far as the eye can see.
He is basically a plastic bag. Implants and whatnot.   Did they at least drink the broth?   Ours is closed:
Like for realizies ANC.... "That's what she said?"
Those look nice. The Marleys seem to be noise-cancelling so the vent-looking thing becomes moot. One downer after another.   Maybe stick a Yammie driver or an electret into an aluminum-machined TAD500-duplicate body. Pipe dream.
200+ bones
Thanks! Knew it was something embarassingly obvious.
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