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That's the Michael Bay version if I'm correct. You're going to want to see David Lynch's version. Or Ridley Scott's.Tim Burton also did a direct-to-DVD adaptation if I recall. M. Night Shyamalan and Darren Aronofsky should be coming out with some sequels this fall.
Would you folks reckon that a 38AJ007Mi/8a + 33A007 + 2 x 2354 setup be viable? Before I had been thinking to go HODVTEC + 33A007 + SWFK, but now I'm thinking that I'd like the 2354's characteristics a bit more. Not to mention that the THD on the 38AJ with the vents closed looks nice. Just occured to me to ask here since the 3800 came up anyways.   Comparatively, the CW-L51a has a similar setup but with a 2800 (dual 2600) instead of the 2354s. The CW-L71a I've heard uses...
I would look into a recable. You cam PM Zardak, he should be able to hook you up on that.
Can't get more arousing than that.
ROCK JAW Mandible.   It's got a reference to the company's name. It's science-y. It sounds like the name of a Transformers robot. Although you really wouldn't want your mandible to "roll out". It's science-y.
Think of the shipping costs you'd save on stuff like the Tenores Nick. But definitely right about taking advantage of things location-exclusive. Last time I grabbed a bunch of A-T stuff along the way. CK100PROs, CKM500s, etc, the works. Did I save oodles? I probably didn't, to be honest. On that note, look into some of the A-T stuff that's Japan only. Wouldn't know about the new IM or CKR stuff though.The Ortofons are a good deal too. Paid a lot more than that if I recall....
Some comments on the Trios from 84's blog. 
Some brief comments on the CW-L71, for those fluent in Japanese. 
I remember quite a bit of urine when watching Pingu. Surprised that those other episodes weren't banned as well.
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