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​Seems like the universe forgot to implement congestion control in its protocol.
​A Showtime Exclusive: Not Without My Dial-Up ​ ​Woman: Oh, mister, you're stripping me bare with your broadband connection...*gasp* ​ ​[THE REST HAS BEEN REDACTED COURTESY OF THE STAFF. INSERT NICKEL HERE]
​I thought I threw away that time cube!
​That's one heck of a custom operator. Operators Gone Wild. Could also be about phone lines.
Probably wrote too much OCaml...should have stuck with F#. And only one hour less of battery life compared to the new Macbook Pro!
That's right - how do they not have a Lizard People ride....
​Not if Gavin Belson beats us to market with Nucleus Online!
​We're going to be so rich when we sell this movie plot to Rob Reiner.
​and non-religious holidays
​Well, I really want to run a hipster coffeshop cold-press juice cafe stand hackerspace with Ev Williams doubling as an online store for straight razors, where we can run Scala workshops on the weekends and sell coffee grinds sold by thought leaders with at least 5 TEDX talks under their belt. I'll need about $40 million, either in shares or in Bitcoins. Ev's a bit of a germaphobe.
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