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Think of the shipping costs you'd save on stuff like the Tenores Nick. But definitely right about taking advantage of things location-exclusive. Last time I grabbed a bunch of A-T stuff along the way. CK100PROs, CKM500s, etc, the works. Did I save oodles? I probably didn't, to be honest. On that note, look into some of the A-T stuff that's Japan only. Wouldn't know about the new IM or CKR stuff though.The Ortofons are a good deal too. Paid a lot more than that if I recall....
Some comments on the Trios from 84's blog. 
Some brief comments on the CW-L71, for those fluent in Japanese. 
I remember quite a bit of urine when watching Pingu. Surprised that those other episodes weren't banned as well.
I. Like. Cats.
Melvins - Electroretard     Art Ensemble of Chicago - Le Stance a Sophie   As Argy probably would have guessed I couldn't read through after the first picture.
Yep. I think he's also backlogged with reshells. Next (month) in Jerusalem I suppose.
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