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giant space-faring DC-8s
Take whatever you want, just don't take the TV...
increments via pallets
​Sounds like you need a suck-it.  
​Well, I'm flummoxed.
​very sore throats
honey glazed toppings
a pie factory
​Anyone see this year's LE Lamys? Not sure about the rest of the world but Wonderpens in Canada seems to have gotten them in, well, at least the AL Stars 2017 LE - Pacific. ​ The colour suits the pen very well. I'm not sure if I'd like it in an ink. Thankfully I won't have to check to see if I do. Seems like the ink is just a repackaged Lamy Turqoise (§ion=findpost&pid=3780164) (can't embed...
​cosmetic testing laboratory
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