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who lives in
just a crab
it's not black
I have no leftover french fries. Every french fry that comes into this house will go into my stomach one way or another.   A good percentage of the time, the fries are coming in as sides to orders of fried chicken. So I stick the unfinished fries with the gravy that comes along with chicken, grab some cheese from the fridge, pop it in the microwave, and BAM, instant poutine.
stoned from pot
I think it's significant enough of a security issue, at least in comparison to some of the other, more trivial, user-facing bugs. I don't expect the site to be a bastion of security. The consequences for only having a forum account compromised, is in itself, not a big deal (discounting those who have personal and financial information on here from selling and trading gear - which should be really shared off of the forums). And to be fair, there is something to be said...
or my tongue
Chirp chirp (even Wink's asleep).
ever eating that
nearest fish market
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