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I'm not too clear as to what you mean by "spoiler" functionality.   Perhaps you've confused BBCode with Rich Text? "Spoiler functionality" would make more sense in that context. I'm not aware of any offline Rich Text editors. In BBCode, at least for this site, spoiler tags work as:  
This is a fun Begin Japanology episode about Nabe. The imagery is mouth-watering. I like hotpots. The experience is always fun. And there's a certain ease to eating it, as well as in terms of prepping it.    I haven't actually gone out to eat hotpot for a while now. I find it more fun to do it at home. There has been a resurgence of hotpot restaurants here locally, the biggest one being Boiling Point. They serve "individual" hotpot servings. I actually don't mind...
Having seen this (but being too busy to respond to it), I took a screenshot while watching a South Park episode, with your post in mind some time last month. The timing's gone, but I thought it was amusing enough to be worth sharing.It's funny, because they're starving.
of the beast
I saw this article posted on HN just now, and thought it was apt to the thread.
dipped in rainbows
protein not carbs
under the sea
who lives in
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