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I read that on Ars, and was reminded about the whole arsenic in rice debacle (of course that's a bit different in scope). Wonder about the other replacement beverages...
I reckon if anyone here has friends under 30, there are a couple who constantly post pictures of food on [social media here]. You know, that old trope. I figured I would capitalize on this trend by starting a thread in the spirit of these food fetishizing nutjobs. Now, like Twitter and Donald Trump, I haven't really figured out how I would capitalize on such a thing, but I will know far more than you know within 24 hours after I start this thread.   So how does this...
    Whoops! Let me fix that...   There we go.   Any of you life-hacking hacks get into this (or any of the meal replacement beverages)?
Have the Thick as a Brick DVD (really good-sounding!) but not his Aqualung. The only ways to get the 5.1 mix are the DVD or BD from the boxset, a bit too spendy for me at the moment. Might settle for trying out just the stereo, either the CD or the one on HDTracks (looks to be the Wilson remaster), but I'm reasonably happy with my current copy (25th Anniversary).
Saw the 1ES on Penon today. Looking forward to the 5s.
Pierre Monteux, London Symphony Orchestra - Ravel: Daphnis et Chloé, Elgar: Enigma Variation     Alois Haba - Complete Nonets     King Crimson - Larks' Tongues in Aspic This is the 40th Anniversary Edition, CD+DVD-A, with the 5.1 mix by Steven Wilson. Absolutely wonderful. A real pain to rip, but I'll get to that. I chanced upon a 40th Anniversary copy of In the Court through...various (possibly questionable) means, and it blew my old copy away (had to downmix...
Charles Dutoit, Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal - Ravel: Ma Mere l'Oye; Pavane; Le Tombeau de Couperin; Valses     Philip Glass - Akhnaten     Isaac Hayes - Shaft - Music from the Soundtrack
Toru Takemitsu - Toward The Sea / Rain Tree / Rain Spell / Bryce   Miles Davis - Sorcerer
Have not ABed them but it's more than likely they would be using the same formula across all their ceramic leads. That seems to be the case for other companies like Staedtler (do not notice a difference between the Lumographs and their 2mms).
Have been admiring the Huaweis on Aliexpress for a while now and it's good to see that the tips aren't half bad. Might have to pick up a pair.
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