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Why does one arm have more hair than the other?   Why is one hand covered in hair and the other isn't?   See, artistic inconsistencies like that are why the furry community have yet to be taken seriously.   And for no other reason.
At this point - 4TB of music (3TB of actual music and 1TB of podcasts) spread over 11TBs of storage, no RAID. Room had been a bit tight until I trimmed down from 8TB to 4TB. Plenty of stuff that I stopped listening to. Now it's a good balance between archival stuff, and things that I would actively put in my playlists.   Eventually the setup will be a NAS, RAIDZ2 @ FreeBSD, with 6 x 4TB Hitachi drives (already have 4), just looking for a good deal on a mini-ITX...
And since I'm so predictable...          
Bronies Pineapples Cats   They don't pay me enough to subliminally sell their products. I should get around to fixing that.   Hi Argy. Never really left. I've always been here.
Although it seems that KDE is still working on their Phonon, Qt5 marks the point where QtMultimedia replaces it instead. I'm not holding out on any hope of it getting much attention in the future.   To fix the problem with the mute you might have to think about disabling Pulse entirely, sticking with dmix for your day-to-day since KMix should work well enough for that, and using JACK for specific-apps-to-devices. A quick KDE install on an Arch box that was transplanted...
I realize that there's a dedicated thread for this, but I think it'd be more apt to come back to the motherthread to offer my most sincere condolences to Achmed's family. I can't claim to know him as well as some of the core members here, but I don't think that makes the news any less shocking. It's not going to be the same without him here.
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