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I don't remember offhand what the DRI for sugar was, but after checking the back of the nutritional facts of the various sodas, the sugar content seems to lie around the ~40g mark. I would guess that after a can or two you'd easily exceed the daily limit, but I still see people chugging those large 2L cups. If I have to drink the stuff, I try my best to go with the Diet option, apart from Root Beer, which just tastes ghastly. Was it aspartame, or something else, that was...
Actually, on the topic of sodas, a friend has been passing along a load of them (Canada Dry, Coco-cola, Sprite) due to some work-related reasons, and I find myself drinking at least a can or two a week. These things have a bit more sugar than I'm comfortable with.   And on the topic of food, I went to a buffet last night (happy Chinese New Year!), and I discovered two thing:   1) I enjoy food, very, very much 2) My ability to eat large meals has signficantly decreased...
There seems to be some information out there about some of the purported effects of ginger root on nausea, and the effect of carbonated drinks on GI motility. However, I am not a doctor. I have found that the actual taste of ginger, in terms of strength, has been helpful in opening up my sinuses and tastebuds during colds. Whereas most ginger ales seem to not have as strong enough a taste for this to occur (plus carbonated drinks cause enough bloating for me to offset any...
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