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Slime scrot.   (For privacy's sake, the Lisp example was a random one found off the Interwebs)
Might want to put KaOS on the list, if you haven't already considered it, considering Chakra is on there already. Another lovely Plasma, new release just out today.
And the Weiner is...Cantaloupes?   This Week:     Hasselhoff...   vs   Pears...
Looks to me you're fighting a losing battle here, Nick....!
You win 25 vegetable points. Nice try.
SO, I really like your IU avatar. Very classy.
This week's hot topic... Broccoli....  [[SPOILER]]  vs. Cantaloupes...  [[SPOILER]]
Broccoli, you too? - 졸업     Forces of Nature - *the forces of nature     Kazuramos - Surf
Mario Pavone - Blue Dialect
New Posts  All Forums: