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  Quote:Well we know why they haven't done so for you. You have no life.
I don't really see the practicality of that posture. But somehow pictures like the one above can get through to a public thread?
JVC gangbang?   Why wasn't I notified of this?
But really, what doesn't...
I have sets of VSonic hybrids from sample packs back from a long time ago - they're what I use on anything coming in the house that'll fit them. I also have the newer sets of fully colored tips from the VSD1 and the VC02. Between the two, the blue-stemmed and the blue-tipped are exactly the same. I had them on the MH1C while I had the Sonys. There was nothing particularly special about it. People have also tried the regular ol' Hybrids (which I also had some on hand,...
I was always under the impression that Fascist llamas were deaf-tone son-of-a-guns, who knew that they had such discriminating tastes in music, to be offended by such trash. Perhaps I wouldn't mind a few hundred-year terms under the old boys....
We'd all still be cavemen flailing around our clubs and stones. When you really think about it, modern society might not have been established without it in the first place. If you take it away, dogs would be standing on their front legs, sewers would expel gravy and gelatin, Western Civilization would perish only to be replaced by a Fascist llama state the next day.
Glands with pineapples?   Well I don't know about that, but you're the gastronome I guess.   Hopefully pigs will come into the equation though.
I would love a piece of that bagel.
No, they're some freaky mutation violating the very rules of the universe. Your beloved music is threatening our existence. Also, it's not very tasteful. I'm not sure which is more offensive.   Besides, the bigger the holes the better. (Don't think dirty now).
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