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All for $5.99
then lose it
raw, uncooked bass
I didn't manage to catch this drama until a good while after it aired. Apart from Reply 1988, I've stopped following up on shows up until last month. I really enjoyed this one. A nice, simple story, nothing too cringe-worthy or overdone (as has often been the case with dramas). And the OST worked well.   I typically don't watch any dramas outside of those made by cable networks these days (tvN, OCN). But I saw this show on DF, and decided to give it a try. It's...
digestive tracts will
Speaking of Fi's, I'd always been of the impression that Cat-Fi would have better served as a thread about Ethernet cables. What a missed opportunity there. (Cat-Fi -> Cat 5).
sacks of bass
We should post a bunch of funny, irrelevant pictures. Remember? Like how it was way back when? When Argyris would talk about dogs, wink would chime in about his collection of vegetables, and SO would post all sort of stuff about muscle milk. And all the while, we would make fun of Jeff for being a dolphin.   Hmm, maybe I've got parts of that mixed up.
waxing is painful
mattress salesmen community
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