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Ah, of course, Residus Trollus from the Pulpadae species.
Nick you must be talking crazy, they slaughter everything in the $7.36 - $7.38 range as well.
If you're planning to attend the upcoming meet (you really should, it's gunna be good...) and if I find it I could have just given them to you in person :D
I've watched all three and literally could not watch another film the week after that as it just made them pale in comparison.   The first one starts off fine, but the last one is just...
Real Fiction (2000) - always gets the adrenaline rushing.   Shot in one take, in real time. It's Kim Ki-Duk being awesome as he was oft to do back then.
I'd send you mine if I can find them. They are nice little things as Hut says though.
The rise of the pork vampires.....
The bagels have redeemed you.
Fish cakes.
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