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You know I talk about this stuff jokingly but pig blood tofu is pretty well known in terms of hotpot ingredients.   Also, sundae (not the kind with ice cream, but the korean blood sausages)
Thus proving that the Swedes are the truly the most Canadian out of us all.   We get it from the Brits...   Cool to try out. I can't say I'm too familiar with 9wm, but certainly have tried out the stuff that came after it like larswm and wm2.
Brilliant idea for a thread.   So many films come to mind but I'll mention this - an all-time favourite - Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing (1983)    
Pasta - super spunky. Also featuring the lovely and voluptuous Honey Lee. Not to be confused with Tazza though....which is something else entirely.   Also Gourmet - that has Kim Rae-Won from Love Story in Harvard, Rooftop Room Cat, and other classics like My Love Patzzi. Also Kwon Oh Joong who I think is hilarious, at least in The Secret Lovers.   Of course who can neglect to mention the legendary drama, the Juggernaut of Hallyu, Dae Jang Geum. If you're into Korean...
Alright folks, I know it was a bit of a stretch. We've had our fun.   Of course I would only ever put pig's blood on my fries and popcorn.   Maple syrup works too but be sure to mix some pig's blood in there, it's an ancient Canadian delicacy and I know you folks will just love it. Though if you substitute ewe's blood instead of pig's blood, I will disown you.
  Quote:Frankly, that's ridiculous. If you can't eat your friends with salsa like a normal human being, I guess we just can't be friends anymore. Next you'll be saying that you put ketchup instead of mustard on your fries, or butter instead of pig's blood with your popcorn.
Nothing more magical than eating your friends. That's the kind of message you want to spread to children of course. Let them solve the world's problems on their own.
The second half of Love Story at Harvard is based in Korea. Rather, the change in scenery into America was what probably got drama-watchers hooked on the series which is an interesting contrast against your situation. It also has Kim Tae-Hee, which I regret to say, hasn't really buffed up her acting chops all these years later.   There's a huge breadth of content and genres available, but since you're just starting off I'll just talk about the popular stuff...
I'd rather just eat Jeff instead of, um....yeah. That way we can still remain friends.
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