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I realize that there's a dedicated thread for this, but I think it'd be more apt to come back to the motherthread to offer my most sincere condolences to Achmed's family. I can't claim to know him as well as some of the core members here, but I don't think that makes the news any less shocking. It's not going to be the same without him here.
I just want to apologize profusely for dropping out in the middle of organizing this one folks - especially GG and twizzler for losing contact part-way through. Real life took a turn for the worst and I had to "unplug" from the internet in order to deal with things. I'm just glad to hear that everyone managed to have a good time in the end.
Also, Coal Harbour might not be such a certainty at this point. Will let everyone up to date as things progress, but meanwhile, if you have any ideas on venues near CH, do post something :)
I can formally ask him on Friday but GG I think had the half of the PM list with T's username so he should have gotten it by now. Sorry for the delay folks, real life got in the way. I should have everyone who has either posted on the thread or PMed me added onto the list by now. If I missed you, PM me ASAP.
Your total infatuation with all things Hostess seems just a tad bit suspicious. So when can I expect a secret love confession letter written on soggy cardboard around here?
Some things that came up during movie night yesterday.   The Recipe (2010) It was much better than I had expected. Visually delicious (excuse the pun).   Barbie (2012) I didn't expect Lee Chun-Hee to do the character the way he did. The kids were great. Overall painful to watch at the end - but in a good way.
Check your PMs :D   And yes, I'll probably be asked this way too many times so I'll just state it on the thread - from how things are looking it'll likely be Coal Harbour, but Trout Lake is also a possibility.
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