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Can't complain. Fairly slow as of recent, so I find myself with a lot more time to hang around the interwebz and read irritated people argue about love, politics, and spending money.   I should probably go out and exercise more. Fell out of exercising some time during September of last year. It's been getting hotter and hotter lately though...but that's not a great excuse. Should do some burpees and planks. Burpees.   Burpees...   Burpees.   Nothing new in terms of...
Long time no see, SO :)     I noticed that Atsu (cool-japan) had gotten in a bunch more Kobe inks listed in his store, including #7, Kaikyo Blue. I was about to get it, up until I thought to ask him if he had any #51, Kano-cho Midnight (as it was not listed on the page). He claimed he'd probably get some next month, so I had planned to wait until then so I can save on shipping while getting both. Unfortunately no more #7s left. I'm a bit more taken with #51 at the...
than my neighbour
Wow! This was more than I could have ever asked for. Still reading, but I'm definitely going to look into the Caldereta a bit more. Seems to be doable, and looks great.   I don't get the opportunity to have much beef, other than brisket, so the insights into the other cuts have been enlightening. Thanks!   I'm having some leftover 脆皮燒肉 right now, and I live for the crisp.
Had some great back bacon today. I'd love to learn about the various cuts of meats, their importance, general usage, etc. Very clueless about that sort of stuff. Any meat connoisseurs/experts here?
imported from Sicily
drenched in oil
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