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If the skips are inherent in the source, you can't. If they came about through file corruption, flac with the -t flag will check the md5sum.
From his blog post - 1 dynamic, 2 DWFKs. tunable thingamabobber. Out in July. Can read about the housing on the post. Neat stuff.
Those spanish (? I'm assuming from the name of the picture file) clams remind me of Chinese stir-fried clams. Not as colorful in the picture....
Anzen Chitai and Tatsuro Yama****a (from Tad-Bravo's post), brilliant. Also enjoyed the Kazakstan stuff.   In the same vein is Off Course, if one is not familiar with Off Course then one should know Sayonara   Some TheThe (the incarnation with Han Hee Jung) There is a great acoustic cover of Somewhere over the Rainbow on the 3rd album. Grooveshark should get you there.   And Jang Pil Soon.   Have nothing to add. Just enjoying the new stuff coming in.
I wondered who the Swedish person that he referred to in his tweet was. Mine are the ones on top of yours (I'm a bit jealous of your faceplates though). They just landed here this afternoon and assuming customs doesn't feel the need to hold onto it for too long they should be at my front door tomorrow.
Why does one arm have more hair than the other?   Why is one hand covered in hair and the other isn't?   See, artistic inconsistencies like that are why the furry community have yet to be taken seriously.   And for no other reason.
At this point - 4TB of music (3TB of actual music and 1TB of podcasts) spread over 11TBs of storage, no RAID. Room had been a bit tight until I trimmed down from 8TB to 4TB. Plenty of stuff that I stopped listening to. Now it's a good balance between archival stuff, and things that I would actively put in my playlists.   Eventually the setup will be a NAS, RAIDZ2 @ FreeBSD, with 6 x 4TB Hitachi drives (already have 4), just looking for a good deal on a mini-ITX...
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