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Portishead - Third This somehow eventually became my favourite Portishead album. And by a large margin.
Tried out OpenRC on the main laptop running Arch (s6 as the supervisor). Great fun. Haven't played with Linux (as in configuring and distro-hopping) in a good long time. For the most part, things just "work", but having found that things "work" rather well off of systemd as well, well, that makes me more confident in migrating to Void and playing with runit. And I've seen the musl stuff come a long way as well, so I think it's time. Just waiting for a drive to come in so...
We will eventually reach the Singularity of Spareribs where every single post and thread on the Member's Lounge contains only pictures of hills. Next year in Jerusalem!
for increased palatability
plastic dinosaur toys
As somebody who had been fairly invested in the Pokemon franchise and community in the past, and as somebody who loves to take long walks across town, this game should have been a match made in heaven. I installed it on a tablet on Sunday and found it somewhat underwhelming in its current state, but not irredeemable. If they added more to the battle mechanics, and introduced trading, I would probably be more into the actual game. I'm sure others have made similar...
The state of the thread brings to mind a particular thread title from another forum. "They all left". Well, at least Wink is still here.
at Office Depot
I thought land sharks were basically land sharks.  "It is capable of disguising its voice, and generally preys on young, single women."
More like crawling up with only your elbows and ankles...unless you have a dog for an avatar. One day we'll catch up with you.
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