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and no family
​All Dittos have perished in the scorching fires of nothingness. Life as a cat is as meaningless as high-definition audio. The earth opens up and devours all that you hold dear. ​ ​How's everybody's week been?
​Forming over the primordial ooze that is the cat singuarity, the masses cowering in fear as the monstrosities of glucose devour those you hold dear. And I stand over their corpses, laughing until the end of days. ​ ​I like the strawberry-flavoured ones.
Wish granted, but instead, he gets up every morning at 3 to talk to you in person. Mostly about Seinfeld and stuff.   I wish I had a photographic memory for towels.
Wink <> Ditto?
Which would you rather fight - 1000 dog-sized cats, or 1 cat-sized dog?
of scalding oil
The difficulty with starting up a club for a niche hobby, in or out of college, is that it takes a lot of initiative, planning and work (and sometimes, just luck) to gain members and to sustain engagement. It's not as simple as meeting up with your circle of pals to talk about audio every week. In your case, you would have to get a group of (initially) strangers to meet up every week to talk about a topic that has relatively little depth beyond purchasing XYZ while...
​mixed with Splenda
That only raises further questions! Also, could he help me find a copy of Season 3 of Luther on Blu-Ray?
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