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#1. wink (333 posts) #3. TwinQY (222 posts) It's almost as if we did it on purpose. There goes one week down the schiithole.
released in MQA
Perhaps this is the "curse" of Head-Fi. We've come across situations like this so very often on the forums. We've internalized it to where many would have immediately seen the parallels. I've re-read the scenario after my previous post, and disregarding the intent part, I think the scenario itself is sound enough to generate good food for thought. Discussions that unfold like the one in the scenario can get contentious because of the ambiguity involved. To play devil's...
Sure, but you forgot to stop and drop (the cheese, preferably in the garbage) in the process. And now you're being rushed to the ER with first degree burns (it's cheese, so it didn't do much).
​of Phil Collins
​The scenario is framed in such a way where the intent of the choices all seem a bit transparent. I'd be interested in a trickier scenario where the choices are a bit less obvious. I suspect that many of us are more/less pragmatic than we think of ourselves.
​swollen irritated eyeballs
A ton would be great. A gallon would be even greater.​​Better to break the internet through this than to post nude pictures. No one wants to see a hairless cat, or a turtle without its shell. That's strictly darknet stuff.
​Fashion that stale cheese into a spare tire, and hope that it doesn't cheap out on you like it does to tastebuds.
​into the week
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