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I like taking the subway, and do so regularly (every day). There is very little I'd rather do, than to look out the window, and seeing everything pass by, preferably with some music in my ears.   Practically speaking, the transit system over here is relatively rather good, and often much faster than driving (at least in terms of getting to Downtown). There are 3 lines here - the Canada Line, the Expo Line, and the Millenium Line. Some of the trains on the latter two...
I never realized how much I missed the show up until I stopped getting cable. I should probably get a boxset or something.   I've seen a few bits of that. A couple of them are funny. I'm not too into cars though.
which made them
I don't remember that episode at all. A lot of episodes from Seasons 7 to 8 have become a blur to me (apart from the one where Susan dies from licking the envelopes).
dipped in chocolate
giant spider monkeys
I still have most of the stuffed toys from when I was young, except for this adorable little sheep that I lost somewhere. I found and bought a similar-looking one (just a bit smaller though) a couple of years ago, but it must have gotten lost during the move. I'm still holding out for some hope there. Maybe I just have bad sheep luck.
I avoid crowded areas - I don't even like people sitting next to me on the bus. It's not really about their physical presence, or the noise (thanks to headphones). It's that a good majority of people smell unpleasant to me. Partly from the increasing prevalence of deodorant use without having showered/bathed, but I've also noticed that a lot of people smell like sour milk. I've always liked smells, but maybe I've become more sensitive to them in a bad way.   Having gone...
To me the non-plush varieties are un-cuddleable, not because of the creepiness - of which many have in spades. It just feels like you're spooning a bowling pin.   It's easy to see how stuffed animals have become the more popular choice - there's a more universal quality there.
That's 390,885 too few :)
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