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Glands with pineapples?   Well I don't know about that, but you're the gastronome I guess.   Hopefully pigs will come into the equation though.
I would love a piece of that bagel.
No, they're some freaky mutation violating the very rules of the universe. Your beloved music is threatening our existence. Also, it's not very tasteful. I'm not sure which is more offensive.   Besides, the bigger the holes the better. (Don't think dirty now).
Wonder what her parents were thinking then....
You don't really need the rum. In fact the best pina colada is not a pina colada at all. It's 100% pineapple extract. Of course that'd sear your tongue off and the ramifications will likely scar you for years to come, but at least you can't blame it on alcohol like everyone does with their problems.   Just having noticed that pineapple rings and bagels share the same shape. Good things in life just works itself out like that.
What are you going to do, slap me with your flappy cardboard? No wonder you keep your head hidden on a daily basis - look at that horribly disfigured abomination of a face.
You can name it whatever you want, I'm naming it Lunch.   Should I change into something with glasses?   Definitely do, they'll find it arousing for sure (in a strange way of course).
Sure, when you take your head out of that sogging box of staleness.     It feels so...wrong. As if you were running around naked.
What's beer, is that like a non-feline thing?   I only consume pina coladas. Occasionally with pig's blood of course.
I got hungry since I've been (mostly) fasting the whole day through. So I came back.   This is now the Official Bagel Thread.
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