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Harlem Yu on the Voice of China.   Tetsu (guess we have to call him Tetsuya from now on, still not used to that) from L'Arc-en-Ciel with some red FitEars.   Hyde of L'Arc-en-Ciel hiding his FitEars.
Death Grip - The Powers that B - Disc 1 - N****s on the Moon       Lee (asano + ryuhei) - Shine
Lee (asano + ryuhei) - Shine  
Death Grip - The Powers that B - Disc 1 - N****s on the Moon       Lee (asano + ryuhei) - Shine       Oren Ambarachi - In the Pendulum's Embrace       Oval - 94 diskont [1]
All pulp, no substance. It'd be as if the cardboard was serenading you right inside your ear.   ...err, any takers?
  Wait, wrong one....  
If there's one thing that Japanese-Americans have contributed to sushi it's that they've found out how to make things very filing. Sushi, by nature, is not extremely filling. Despite the rice. Though I guess kimbap is meant to be pretty filling. Hmm. I don't know where I was going with this then.   Regarding the tasteless tuna thing I guess they're just very keen on the marketing tactic of not overselling one's products. In the professional industry we call this...
I live in a town where you see a lot of avocado due to the prevalence of the California roll. As a child I had access to a lot of this stuff raw (we can't grow it outdoors here I believe, so it's very likely that we sourced them from you folks down south) and I just thought they were nasty, nasty stuff. Everyone else I knew liked them a lot though, god forbid. I was forced to eat raw ones a couple of times. I do not understand how they could be conceived as...
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