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And sometimes they fall asleep on you!
I did the exact same thing yesterday, also with the Titans (1ES). Then I watched some Seinfeld with them.  I also use foam tips on them (not Complys, I'm using the ones supplied with the Hisound BA100s) as it's really the only way to get a shallower fit, while still having a seal secure enough to not have them fall out. And this way, the earphone body, and that sharp edge on the ear-facing side, does not touch the ears. And, I get a chance to use foam tips. I hardly ever...
drenched in gravy
Yes! I've been following the thread on the Rockbox forums, and have been using Mihail's patches for voltage scaling for a while now. I was really happy when I saw that upstream had merged it. The battery on my current unit is around a year old, and currently gets 15-20 hours (playing Opus files, various IEMs). These are not hard numbers, have not run a battery_bench. Either way, 15-20 hours is already fantastic compared to the 11-12 hours I had prior to these changes.
The Spareribs we need, not the Spareribs we deserve.
slower than Vivaldi
played various operas
This was an interesting post (below).  A lot of measurements floating around the internet will compare the effects of tips on a given IEM. Something that might have been of interest to tip-rollers, would be an index of measurements based on a large range of eartips, bundled and aftermarket, and the general effects they have on sound and isolation. They would probably be done over a set of well-known IEMs, based on the nozzle diameter. I do have a coupler already. Could get...
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