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Not in time for Aloha April...
I find it interesting and surprising that there's seemingly a 2h battery life discrepancy between Opus and Vorbis decoding. I thought that Opus had improved a lot in this regard. For reference, how old is the battery on yours? Edit: Oh, wait, are you on a Clip+ rather than the Zip?
I've noticed that site during my searches as well. Whois search was blocked. Likely a mirror for phishing purposes.
I fall asleep outside all of the time (with my mouth open!). On the bus, in the park. It's the ambient noise.
Maybe-not May.
off the grime
Here's a battery_bench.txt of a build from the latest 2a1e9eb-160503, repeat album, Opus 192kbps, files on microSD, EQ on, screen off. Device (Clip Zip) bought new on May 2015. Ignore the 02:34:55, that was from charging. Also, device had crashed during the first run.  [[SPOILER]]
the coleslaw was
It's strange how little impact these have made on this side of the community (although I recall there was a couple of mentions of these on r/headphones). Perhaps they've had better luck on the European forums. It's a real shame, considering the pedigree of the designer. I would have liked to have seen more impressions on these.
Big Black - Atomizer     Tim Hecker - Love Streams
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