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I'm pretty sure those came out of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader. Almost positive.
I thought you lived outside a tesseract? That's pretty spiffy in and of itself. It'd be neater to live inside one though, you'd probably get to avoid all that rain. But it's hard to find a rent-controlled one these days.
absorbing the salt
​I probably should have stopped at four, but then I would have lost out on that sitcom pilot...
​with raden shells
Anything's better than a Menger sponge.   ​It's like going to the library, without having to have pants on! ​I might still have to grab a pair though, I think I'm startling the furniture.
I hear it has a 99.8% success rate. Phenomenal! Well, prepared to be very, very underwhelmed. That's just not happening in any of our lifetimes...and I have nine...
​and really salty
​Better to ponder over a rhombus... ​ ​After mulling over my own post (it helps to have no pants on), I've come to the conclusion that I'll do anything to pad my post count (unless you give me a Klondite Bar).
I tried but it didn't get through. I think my telephone cable doesn't have enough silver in it.
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