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Are you sure you didn't get teleported into a paleolithic settlement during the past couple of weeks? First you're eating horses and liver, now you're pulling out chicken hearts? Did you get to try out mammoth ribs?   In all seriousness though, that sounds delish. I love chicken gizzard, and that's arguably more revolving than chicken hearts.
from having swam
it rained cats
You can put in a lot of Angel hair per volume, a small dab should fit fine. While it might not target the 6k ringing specifically, it'd probably damp a bit of the treble overall. Filters would probably do similar, but just think it would be neat to try, since they already had it open.
Just wanted to say that nevertheless, Opus support has become a lot better over time, and I really appreciate the work you guys have put into it. I remember using it early on (2012-2013?), while support had just begun, and it was pretty wonky, just in terms of reading tags, and crashing. Oh, the crashing. If you have the time, and don't mind getting technical, what else needs to be done for optimizing it? You can go into the nitty-gritty parts, FFT, MDCT, etc, I'd find...
I've found several experiences posted of the Classics cracking, on this thread, and on other threads. It's been slightly disappointing to see. I had finally grabbed a Classic not too long ago, intending them to be a backup for the MKIIs, which is probably the IEM I listen to at home most frequently (a close second would be the Titans). Plus, they were Maroon! I love maroon! I had even considered cracking the MKIIs open a while back, to play with damping out that 6k...
That makes sense. Lucky you .   I've been enjoying my Zip all day, after having migrated to a new 128GB microSD card, along with a bunch of new albums. One thing I've noticed was how optimistic the runtime estimation seems to be. The value of CURRENT_NORMAL for the Clips had been changed a few weeks ago to reflect the frequency/voltage scaling stuff. But assuming that most of the Clips out there will likely not be in mint condition at this point, I feel that the new...
Not in time for Aloha April...
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