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It must have taken a lot of his crappy IEMs to bribe the Google execs. I find this all sadly maniacal and egotistic on his end.
I still find this to be unbelievable, even having seen the pictures last night. Did you ever get to cracking them open and seeing if they were TWFKs? I have to wait for the stock replacement cable for the VC02s to come back from warranty, but meanwhile I am trying to think of a way to make the angle of the connector less prominent. It's at 45 degrees right now, and feels terribly flimsy. Probably some heatshrink should do it. The FiiO cables feel much too stiff, so I'm not...
So it seems cardboard finally shilled out.   I still think that paying $25 for this troll is outlandishly overpriced.
This is really cool. I missed I/O entirely. I'm reading their tutorial about their API. I'm not fluent in Java so I will likely rip off their demo and tweak it into usable, but still spaghetti, code. If I order it of course. Then again, it's 25 bucks. Why not?
Watermelon is the only melon.   This all feels eerily familarly somehow. Nevertheless, this is now the 12th best thread on HF. I have decreed it to be so.   An interesting article from Wikipedia on seedless fruits.   I enjoy the normal varieties you see in the supermarket. We get much better quality stuff than they typically sell in China despite it being the largest cultivating country for watermelons. I generally remember buying a lot more yellow watermelons in...
Share your various concoctions, modifications, and other sundries that make sticking those things in your ear all the more pleasurable!   Whether it be slicing those silicone tips up into origami, acoustic filters of various colours and composition, or perhaps playing around with vents and the likes, any and all ideas are welcome.   Everyone has their own set of ears, so what might work for some, might not work for others. In the same vein, what might sound great to...
[[SPOILER]]  They're probably wearing Canalworks in their left ears. Kai (EXO) with Westone 4s.   Taeyeon with her UEs.
Straight from Aya-chan's mouth:Although he could simply mean "foremost" as in quality, but....oh, I give up  And what are you doing looking at 16 year olds on Youtube? I should have saw this coming....Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) with I believe JHs.
They're the biggest customs outfit in Japan, no?   Maaya Sakamoto (the inspiration behind the Monet mascot) with her FitEars.   They should pay me for advertising their gear. Money to my Cayman account'd be fine. Or maybe they can get me a sandwich to replace the one this "gnarls" person ruined. I suspect he's another deviant like the rest of your acquaintances.
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