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Okay. Only because it's Miss Sakaki. I was having a debate with someone on the usage of language to pass the time, and the adage of washing your mouth with a bar of soap came up. We went on a tangent and my stance was that no one actually does that. In hindsight that cake really did look like a bar of soap (it was not my own pantry so I was unfamiliar with the layout) I think the name of mashed potatoes on hot dogs have been sullied by the inevitable prepubescent thought...
A lot of what they discuss will only make sense on paper.
Yeah but that Hastings joint I mentioned has a whole meal for just slightly under that. I feel as if I talk about that place too much....   I live to disappoint others.
I didn't want to expand on my reasoning for avocado hate for fear of being lambasted, but since you're sporting a nice, cat-friendly avatar I feel that now would be the best time. I don't know why people even like that stuff. The texture is strange and the aftertaste is dreck. I've had better luck with urinal cakes (unfortunate story there). Oh and welcome back! Now all we need is Coq. He must be off sniffing dog butts. Ha! See what I did there. Revenge for a couple of...
Wikipedia suggests that they're the same, but one offers burgers? I've had the pulled pork from NY Fries rather recently but I can't remember how they tasted. What struck me more was the Thai food in the stall next to it.
Don't know if that's exactly the best idea Nick. In case you haven't heard that weird kid with the tree pulp fetish hangs around there a lot.
I'm not a fan of avocado. Chili can be a hit or miss. No cilantro and I'm good. Who isn't a fan of melted cow curds though....   Whatever happened to Argy? You'd think he'd come by what with all the mentions of cheese and all that.
Ice cream, smoke showers? Sounds delicious! And cow eyeballs would only be a step up from fish eyeballs. Goodness knows I've had my fill of those. Maybe I'll grab a Japadog later on in the day.
Those aren't pork rectums. Just a cat I think.
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