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Because Latin smells
I probably can't help with much here. That said, here are some things that I can probably mention. ​ ​1) "The OS is damaged or missing" message would suggest that you messed up the partitions somehow during one of your previous installation attempts. It's curious to see that the machine still boots, but not being able to diagnose anything without more info, I'd just reinstall with the recovery media. ​ ​2) I...
quid pro quo
I bought a power cable used off of the Supremus forums that was supposed to provide FTL transmission and reduce quantum I just have a box full of dead, poisoned cats. Darn you schro_Dinger_1961!!!! I want a refund....!!
Coffee killed the radio's to preventing more feline casualities. Dump your brown muck and your moldy cheese right down the sink. On second thought, don't, think of the poor sink. But do pick up a nice cool glass of milk. Straight from the carton.
​all that peculiar
across my backyard
​into the wormhole
​buy expensive handbags
​and tall supermodels
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