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​Oh, I'll make it lucrative all right...
​fighting Samurai Jack
Mmm, I'm not too into Mina in terms of what she contributes performance-wise (what does she do again, rap or something?). I've just seen her on enough shows to find her fairly interesting/funny. From what I've seen in my family circles, she is the most popular out of the seven. There was an episode of One Fine Day where she kept getting hit on in Macau, so I think there really is something that Chinese people find likeable about her, plus there's that clip of Seolhyun's...
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.You're six years too early to start stepping on me, son.
​No thanks to AHorseNamedJeff, though... ​ ​Good to see you! I've got some Melon Tea ink samples coming in....probably will be your jam, will take photos (just don't drink it...)
​through some Cardas
​to run DragonflyBSD
​of magnetic film
Of course, the week of/after I mention and really get into D/D/D, they introduce Link Summoning. To be fair, I've seen D/D/Ders do interesting things to get around the hit. At least they added some new Executive cards. Am interested in seeing how things pan out for the game.
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