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​and also girth
polluted with macaroni
I did try it once and it was a real mess. Still haven't gotten all of the clamato juice out of the upholstery. At least the victim's families stopped calling.
naturally in biospheres
I was under the impression Wikia Community is separate from Huddler as products - so those things would be a separate affair. I think it's just impressive that someone would go through the effort of typing out all those unicode characters like that.
​I [redact] your [redacted] with Winged Kuriboh, in attack mode.​​Is that an instance of a data type in Haskell? Looks like a product type of [[[redacted]]] [String]. Assuming that the terminating } is a mistype, and that you missed a bracket around the [REDACTED]......., and that ...... was really ... , and is some sort of arcane Ozzian ligature. Or maybe is an operator for the Shill Monad. You should really submit that to Stackage...
​I'll beat your hot streak one of these days...all this dairy has me raring to go...
I can't believe that they stopped the beta-test loans for the HD900s because of that guy's [redacted]. I mean, with the sheep and everything...
​Black Liquorice. I've never had it, but it's the only colour that matches the emptiness of my soul, so I assume I'd enjoy it. Probably a bit tangy. ​And yes, it's a real flavour:
Still waiting...maybe I'll check the Supremus forums.
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