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because it rotted
from next door
This fell out of my subscription feed somehow... Anyways, good to see you too. Sailor Shigure (時雨 - and it's Purple!) might have been even more apt. I got my #51 in today. Rather than a typical BB, it's more of a rich, dark blue, without any teal undertones. With a wetter nib, it turn into a deep, almost-black with this wicked green sheen. Spectacular either way. I can see why people are so enamoured over what felt like "yet another FOTM BB". On Tomoe River, with a...
A non-comprehensive list of things that seem a bit too optimistic/glossy when depicted in commercials.   - Anything about insurance or cleaning products. - Tampons. - Images of food in ads. But it seems to be all wax and lard anyways. - Cell phone/car commercials, the ones where it looks like they're refilming 2001: A Space Odyssey. - Pharmaceutical products - you have foot fungus and limp genitalia, what are you so happy about???
What could be worse than a whole month dedicated to a moody and malicious quack doctor   Macabre May here we come....
Save Wink from a Moody May!
at the baseball
tree on top
to get to
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