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bag full of
I think it's fortunate. I have stopped buying pens completely, but in general I still get an ink every few months or so. One of my relatives is colour-blind (blue-yellow?) - I've set them up with all black inks, while the other seems to enjoy Lie de The quite a bit, which happens to be a favourite of mine as well. Inks are attractive to me as they have cross-over value to interests outside of fountain pens.
kidney stones and
with a flamethrower
And it's gluten-free!
Nothing with bores as large as those, at least from what I can come up with. If anyone can find a shop that sells something similar in 10, 12-packs, that would be a godsend.
warm and toasty
It's difficult being a parent.
My father once broke the legs off of a toy robot-thing by accidentally sitting on it. It was this crab-looking fellow with a lot of loose parts (pincers and whatnot), but the legs were pretty rigid and I could never put it back together afterwards. I think the thing I was more upset about was the complete indifference on his part for having done such a thing.
For anyone using Rockbox on their Clip Zips, some of the patches for frequency scaling that had come out on this thread were just commited to the git repo a week or so ago, and should be available in the dev builds. I've been using these patches for a while and they definitely help with battery life - adding at least a couple of hours to the typical 12h (assuming lossy files, etc). There are a couple of other patches that help, that have yet to be commited, but I do...
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