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I'm not a fan of avocado. Chili can be a hit or miss. No cilantro and I'm good. Who isn't a fan of melted cow curds though....   Whatever happened to Argy? You'd think he'd come by what with all the mentions of cheese and all that.
Ice cream, smoke showers? Sounds delicious! And cow eyeballs would only be a step up from fish eyeballs. Goodness knows I've had my fill of those. Maybe I'll grab a Japadog later on in the day.
Those aren't pork rectums. Just a cat I think.
Unfortunately I've not heard much of Musepack these days although it seems that their latest commit was about 9 months ago. This level of activity is a far cry from what Opus sees but I've seen quieter projects.   I had written quite a bit on the technical comparisons between Ogg Vorbis and Ogg Opus and was intending to post it but did not have the foresight to do it in a text editor. Poof. All gone :( Hopefully this wiki entry will help supplement what was to be a very...
After a light jog with these this morning, they do seem to be a bit on the looser side of perfect, in regards to fit on the left side, but it's very easy to position them back to where I'm questioning sending them back for a refit. The loose MMCX socket is the only thing that makes me question otherwise. I will have to shoot him an email as it seems he's no longer checking the order spreadsheet on Google Docs.   I think my impressions of these have settled to where I can...
It seems to have stopped entirely. If it comes back I might chime in again but I guess some magic happened behind the scenes.   I see another thread with the person experiencing same error message that was made before mine and I guess I probably should have checked in there before I started this thread. Feel free to merge.
I think the original intent behind my order was to replicate the C435 in some ways - add a CI-22955. He later recommended adding an 3300 instead, but also suggested adding two WBFKs to fix the TWFK phase problem. Later on when he had the items in hand he decided to add a 3200 only and forgo the WBFKs, as he stated the 3200 fixed the TWFK dip that came about with the phase mismatch. I have them in hand right now and if I find a camera, I will take some pictures. However I...
It has not managed to replicate itself today so I do hope that it has resolved itself magically. If it does come up however I will most definitely take a screenshot. I think the URLs always end up simply being that of the page I am trying to access, except that the error message shows instead of the page being displayed .
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