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Watching Return of Superman, I saw GD with some CIEMs.   And we have T.O.P in the back with his strange stare and his alien-green customs.   The logos on the black shells almost looked like frogs of some sort at first. After looking more closely it's some letter or symbol.
Itty bitty bonkin' beers.
I've not had time to do much other than listen to these, so here we go. Not even tried to open them up, sorry nick.   We're not off to a good start with the housings. The "metal" on the housing is thin and they way they're corrugated feels tacky in my fingers. I didn't even enjoy the sensation of inserting them. The filters are indeed very poorly held on by very little adhesive. They fell off immediately. The cable has one of those fabric sheathes, but at least they're...
Knowing you, the real deal is likely a lot worse. Those walls are barely covered with soot and grime. And that's not nearly enough Red Bull. So I had to acclimatize myself by cranking out the trusty MT300s. After only listening to possibly the best IEM I've ever heard for the past two weeks, even real life has started to not do it for me anymore. I'm going to give myself one or two more hours of listening before saying anything certain. One thing I can say for certain is...
Luckily for in-ear nutters we have nice, neat, orderly cubbies. Like how ye old settlers utilized salted meats and the Metis pemmican, It'd be hard not to imagine that the egg and soy beans needed a way to be perserved. Be it pickled like the Century eggs, or salted like the other egg that was in the Ashens video but no one seems to mention, or fermented like natto. Fermentation is a big part in a lot of asian food preparations historically. Also they taste just fine, dammit.
Condiments and bacon don't really mix for me in general.   Quote:You put John Travolta on your bacon?  
I'd be pretty cool with said terrorist, given enough bacon. No cheese please.
NO WOOD!!! A surprising lack of wood here on the West Coast (as Huts so eloquently puts it).   Updates after the break. I'm having skittles and tofu tonight...
Got a fantastic protein shake recipe just for this occasion. First, you take that century egg, and smush it in the blender with some of that Chi Chi from the Coco Palms Resort reserve they brewed back in '81.   Can't take all the credit of course, it's a well-known traditional Kauai recipe. I hear Ben Affleck uses it all the time. (if you've not watched this particular South Park episode none of this will make any sense of course)
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