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north of Mordor
Oh, for sure. Execution aside, the idea itself is not even that new or novel. But I'll buy anything when it has a fruit in its name.
Oh Nick...just had to make me order a set.   Well, wasn't entirely your fault. I already had a couple of mandarins (the fruit) today...
soaked in brine
From the Nagasawa Kobe website.     Should have pointed out that, on the day I posted this....I bought two more bottles of Kobe.     Should also add that, Nagasawa Kobe also has a shop over on Rakuten, and I had noticed sometime last week that the listings for their red/oranges, blues, and greens had gone back up. For a while, it looked like they only had the browns listed. Well, I say this now, but most of the blues and greens seem to be out of stock...
spray to fight
topped with mustard
baked with bacon
Cowsay quotes from the Great Turtle, through vim-startify. Sometimes Futurama quotes come out. And then sometimes, Koans come out. Files with fortune cookies for Futurama can be found here. I'm also using fortune cookies with Dhammapada quotes. The koans are from a Perl module on CPAN, and contains (most of?) everything from the Shaseki-shu, the Gateless Gate, and the Blue Cliff. You can find all of them together, bundled with a wrapper script, zen, that helps with...
laced with garlic
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