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​That's just a failed military campaign...
​Do flat earthers dream of flat Beats cables...?
​entanglement communicating across
​Thank cucumbers; the natural enemy of rotten dairy. Plus you can have lightsaber fights with them.
​No, no, I think you're looking for this: ​
​the mostly least
​Well, I think nobody knows anything about nothing, so here we are at a stalemate...
​And I think someone is purposefully ignoring the fact that Cheese also begins with C. And a lot of my trash cans are rectangular. ​ ​I've got no real objections to cucumbers. Too bad there's no month starting with C...except for Christmas, but that's a week at best.
and other astrological
​I'd purr-fer if cheese was left to the mice...or in the trash can.
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