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I'm more interested in the buffet. Wonder what salad he has going on there.
Maybe you should try Ferrari or Le Tigre. I hear they're much softer looks.
The letters that they send me keep finding their way into the trash. Weird, Twilight Zone stuff there.
The images definitely show the Bass buds as being more "substantial", so you could imagine my surprise once I opened them up.   I think that entropy has always been prevailing in the OEM market. That's what makes the game fun. With the state of production on these things it's crazy not to be able to churn drivers out for pennies. As a rough rule of thumb premiums can be a reassurance factor for QC. Sometimes. More specialized stuff like armature assembly, or some...
Bender tried to rule a world once. It didn't turn out too good.
Actually....the decal sort of look like these.
Depending on the person "typing-out-loud" can be a very real and very distracting symptom at work.   I'd imagine there's more room to dampen with the woodie shells. Don't remember if you mentioned but ever put angel hair in these things? These really need less bass not more.   Playing around with filters since I don't have the inclination to do much else now (plus it's dark). Everything seems to be equally bad and fails to resolve the treble issues. Not really a lot to...
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