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I was watching LAS last night and Chris ordered bacon from online or something. Didn't catch the livestream.   A part of me still finds ordering food online to be alien and tacky.
Not sure if this crowd would know how to operate anything other than an abacus... Actually come to think of it, I can't even remember how to use an abacus.
I knew you were all doofuses the first time I met you all. Especially that horse kid.   Going anywhere this holiday?   And of course, Linux sucks.
Lost my copy of Ashura Clock, not very happy about that.
JM-Plus, Null, should do overseas. I've not checked what I wrote in the OP, might have covered it.   I'll be getting some impressions done for these sometime this month.
I'll be grabbing a copy of Poor Moon as we speak, hopefully I'll dig that as well. 
What's the dealio, did the ASG-2 go on sale for 90% this BF or something? Or did cardboard jack them.....I always tell him to stop picking random things from off the floor.
New Posts  All Forums: