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What's the dealio, did the ASG-2 go on sale for 90% this BF or something? Or did cardboard jack them.....I always tell him to stop picking random things from off the floor.
That's wonderful.
Candy never digests well on an empty stomach. I have this unrequited love for White Rabbit milk candies, these chinese soft candies. Every time I have them they wreck my stomach, but it's oh so worth it.
Love the ghetto as always. Just thought it might be more of a music-dump sort of deal.... Keep it on though....
Hani from EXID.
Everyday. It gets better. LFS is bog easy. CLFS-embedded or TinyCore would be an actual challenge - you'd have to actually tinker instead of mindlessly plug and maintain packages.
So I guess we all hate DigiGhettosAreTheWorst now or something? I didn't get the memo.   Leaving his poor lounge out to dry....
New Posts  All Forums: