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Mr. K has always been doing a lot of work on raden, but lately I've been seeing a lot of designs along the lines of the ones in the middle row.   For those unfamiliar with raden, it is essentially inlaying cut pieces of seashell into a desired surface material. People usually recognize them from a lot of the traditional vase and other mosaics, and pen fanatics might recognize them from Nakaya and Namiki (Pilot) designs.
Have not been doing a great job of updating the thread, and apologies for that.   So here we go - Canalworks releases the CW-L71 and CW-L71PSTS.   People might be familiar with the PSTS through the L-51 - i.e. tunable through resistors.
Which country do you folks reckon do meatballs the best? 
It occurs to me that everyone could just pool their money and hire a bunch of eidetics to memorize their Beatles discographies and Gmail passwords.   If you're not keen on the average 68-year life expectancies there's always genetic modification; though I guess you'd have to pay extra for that. Otherwise they should be pretty foolproof. 
The original md5sum signature is inside the metadata, under . You check it with the checksum generated through the raw audio data through decoding.It also does a CRC check during decoding. You can also use ffmpeg to get a more accurate output of where the CRC check goes wrong, since it tells you the specific timestamp.
If the skips are inherent in the source, you can't. If they came about through file corruption, flac with the -t flag will check the md5sum.
From his blog post - 1 dynamic, 2 DWFKs. tunable thingamabobber. Out in July. Can read about the housing on the post. Neat stuff.
Those spanish (? I'm assuming from the name of the picture file) clams remind me of Chinese stir-fried clams. Not as colorful in the picture....
Anzen Chitai and Tatsuro Yama****a (from Tad-Bravo's post), brilliant. Also enjoyed the Kazakstan stuff.   In the same vein is Off Course, if one is not familiar with Off Course then one should know Sayonara   Some TheThe (the incarnation with Han Hee Jung) There is a great acoustic cover of Somewhere over the Rainbow on the 3rd album. Grooveshark should get you there.   And Jang Pil Soon.   Have nothing to add. Just enjoying the new stuff coming in.
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