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That reminds me, still haven't gotten my burgers....   Where do I go to file a complaint. Have been patiently waiting....
What's this all about now....   I won't stand my eyes being defiled by such inferior non-cats.
Moktober, Mokvember, Mokvurary, Mokuly. Mokugust.   It all manages to work out, somewhat.   In which case I'd nominate Fanyvember - but that'd be presumptuous, even for me. *that's the month of my actual birthday though*
You're not getting it at the sale price -  doh, of course. My quote was actually during one of their sales last year so the unit was $160 only. Why the heck is it that you'd have to pay less shipping than me? o.o Did I just get royally screwed?    Well it's been a year, so tough luck for me.
I still have my old Fedex tracking number saved in an email - it seems they ship right from their headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee. To clarify - the exact price was in fact 269.62USD.
Price + Shipping = 300USD?   That's actually not far from what I paid, and I'm in Canada. In their defense, it got here in 3-4 days, so I'm not's just that they won't let you downgrade the shipping option, no matter what.
*Gasp* Those legendary pairs of PX100s, straight from the hallowed annals of H-F rants....? Say it ain't so...   You could ramp the price up to something much, much higher, because of this. No need to thank me, just split the profits, paypal preferred.
It's this term in the Korean world which means someone with glamorous body proportions (i.e. good child-rearing hips and big jugs) and nice faces.   The actual wording is a mash-up of 베이 (baby face), 글 (glamorous body) , and 녀 (girl). Which sounds like the word bagel in english.
Sorry panda peins.
The lack of Sinawe or Taiji brought up is appalling.  No Taiji in it though... Got me all hyped up for Reply 1994.   And then this.
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