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​Try paying for some LASIK eye surgery, that should do the trick.
​made with pretzels
The avatar I am using is part three in a 16-part series titled: Cats In the Postmodern Age. ​                   ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​The series is currently pending installation at the MOMA, along with...wait - the last two weren't cats! I'm going to have to speak to my agent about this... ​ ​(To be fair, all of these are off of the Instagram of the lovely Park Hyun Seo (I'd link the Instagram but the hyperlink text would not remain beige)....
​in the park
​Wish granted, but tasmanian devils also sound like frogs instead of tasmanian devils. And Bruce Vilanch still can't sing... ​ ​I wish plastic containers were made out of aluminum, and aluminum containers were better made.
Wish granted, but they all grow up and move to LA to be marketing executives, and never call their mothers on the weekend.   ​I wish seesaws came with batteries included.
I've had maybe 5-6 hard crashes total with my Rockboxed 770C - one of them happened yesterday. I am using a 128GB card as well. The crashes don't bother me; this port does not have the luxury of being maintained for bug fixes like the more popular Rockbox ports. Plus the crashes are mostly predictable on my part as they seem to occur for specific files/codecs. No problems with noise or freezing though. If a file is being iffy, it usually results in a hard crash. I will...
​for eating applesauce
​and the mouth
​Wish granted, but he reads your thoughts to find the PIN numbers to your bank accounts instead, leaving you destitute as he elopes with the neighbour's dog to start a vegan cult. ​ ​I wish I had a bottle of tomato-flavoured mouthwash.
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