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Great thing about the swings, is that they are for all ages. I saw a middle-aged woman last week dropping her bags of groceries to the ground and jumping onto a swing.   Potential downside though - there are always a couple of impossibly limber kids showing you up every chance they get. Normally I wouldn't care about how high up I get, I'm there to listen to music. But they're just so snide about it. Darn you and your tiny aerodynamic legs!
or nasty twinkies
Jangling June bugs.
taste better than
I bought another bottle of Kobe #51   I figured, why not. By the time I use up the two bottles...well, it'll be a long time until then. I've decided to dedicate a VP to #7 and #51 exclusively (with periodic breaks of Pilot BB and Diamine Midnight, I imagine), and keep it on the Techo. Given the 0.5mL per fill for the CON-50, I reckon it'll take ~200 fills for the two. Techo writing will typically finish that up in a week. So we're talking 200 weeks here   Oh,...
On the swings! I take time out every Sunday when I get the chance, to hop on a swing and listen to some tunes. It's the highlight of my week. There's a set by the park near where I live, but I'm not a fan of that particcular one, as it's not very quiet. I go to a different one a couple of blocks over. It faces this big open field, so the view is spectacular.   Another great place is on the bus. Pick something well-isolating, get on a bus that you know is low traffic...
to bypass tinnitus
This June is really bittering up.
giant guinea pigs
I got them on eBay for ~30CAD + shipping a couple of months ago, but the seller I used doesn't seem to have any left. eBay sellers have really jacked the prices up on these since then. The remaining stock looks to be disappearing, so I wouldn't get your hopes up on that $15 one getting restocked. I saw a couple of other stores that had them around the $20 mark, but they all seem to be out of stock as well. Adorama still looks like they have a couple in stock, at the $30...
New Posts  All Forums: