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Stupidly Limpy Orthodontics Slime Licked Orally Succulent Loin Oreos Sailors Leaving Oregon Sandpapered Litmus Opposites Seemingly Liable Organs Stupendously Livid Onions Sheathing Lips Overture Safety Lime Openings Soft-serve Lemon Offerings Super Lightweight Orthodynamics
They tried everything with the poltergeists. Jude brought in some crazy strong incenses that his grandmother got ahold of in Hawaii, way back during the war. He stuck them in the server room overnight for the past week or two. It ended up giving Joe and a couple of the janitors in the building terrible rashes. They were lucky. Jude couldn't go to work for days because of his pink eye.   The city claimed that only the parking lot adjacent to the building had been built...
You're absolutely right! After 3 minutes of soul-searching I've come to the conclusion that I am a self-indulgent **** and what you posted was far less obscene and crude. You know what they say (well of course you know what they say you're probably in the Mensa club or something), stupid people always underestimate their stupidity.    Just ordered a couple of one-way tickets to the Himalayas (too stupid to find the round-trip checkbox), off to herd some mountain goats,...
  Quote:Maybe the loonie (no political correctness here) who designed these meant them to be an political message on leperism/female brutality. Or maybe he mixed up the paprika with hashish that Friday night. Great! If all goes well, hopefully cat gravy will finally become accepted as a valid form of currency by then.
FitEar does a lot of work on titanium tubing on their models - customs and universals. Any significant difference I would not be so sure on since not many companies have the precision that a company with dental background like FitEar does to pull it off. Generally when something is reshelled to a custom it has been stated that the change from whatever tubing the universal uses to the PVC tubing would have an impact. For their universals they have also utilized an acoustic...
Apart from my new bethrothed Shawna they all look blobby and really just a bad exercise in post-modern art.   A video of Ms. Sasaki in the flesh talking about fleshy paperweights? Where should I send my subscription money in?
I think Shawna is my type of girl. Marilyn looks too headstrong and would probably be the dominant one in the relationship. Robin just looks flighty. I would not mind getting into a fling with Judith however. No they're not cats but I can compromise.   That aside, it would be a relatively short video unless he decides to go on about the merits of paperweights and various grammage/what type of pressure is best/soapstone vs ceramics debate.
That's 16% more plausible. With the texture I'm sure they'd pickle them to where the eggshells would be of no concern as they would have fully dissolved as the centuries pass. Maybe someone look to see if they're selling them in canned form on Alibaba, send some to Ashens.
Two Cats One Egg, yep, sounds like something those Germans would cook up. I'll get to Scroogling and you can start working on the fake DMCA letter. Those are perfectly healthy cats we're talking about here.
Of course, all the cool people on the internet are cats.
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