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On the topic of inks, I've noticed the Robert Oster line turning into the new hotness over on FPN. Some of the inks are fairly solid offerings, not unique by any means, but I can appreciate them for sure. There were a couple that struck me as being really nice, and fortunately, somebody had already compared three of them. That user (migo984) has some good taste, to have picked the three that stood out the most for me, right off the bat :) They're also fans of the Kobe...
People are probably familiar with the Four Seasons line of inks from Sailor, which had replaced the previous standard line (Apricot, Epinard, Sky-High, etc). However, I imagine that a lot of the people that were not involved in the hobby pre-2010 might not have known that the Four Seasons were previously a limited edition release, and that there had been eight others colours released alongside what is now the current lineup. Well, rather, what had formerly been the current...
Not being from Europe, and not having done anything with calligraphy pens other than to draw (in the past), I struggled to find an answer for this. I recently came across a link to an art supply store in the UK that stock calligraphy supplies, and sells online. Shipping seems reasonable. Hope that helps.
on this highway
The option to turn off softvol was removed in 0.18.1. If you've haven't seen this thread yet, might be worth a look. This had also been linked in that thread.
I've seen him reference it in a couple of videos so far, and I've even seen him recommend it once or twice. It could be up your alley; the sort of crass, Collins-deprecating, easily-referenced, black comedy with heart that we neither need nor deserve. What could be better than watching the Cronenberg episode with a hearty bowl of century eggs at your annual End-of-the-World-and-or-Multiverse party. Hmm. It probably is up your alley. It's also short. I finished a re-watch...
and smells bad
The first video was exclusive to the panel this year, at the San Diego Comic-Con. They've had a panel at SDCC for the past three years (I forgot about the 2013 one, that makes three). The second was an animatic for a S3 episode.
The things from the panel was just pre-hype for the next season. Season *belch* err Season 3. The past two seasons are on Hulu.
Rick and *belch* Morty Re-Enact a Murder Trial.   I recommend watching the whole panel. The past two panels at Comic-con were pretty great, also available on the Tubes.   Also: Wubba lubba dub-dub!
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