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​ ​Perl was one of my first languages, and I've always enjoyed the Camel and Llama books. The language has fallen out of favour with me, but a while back I came across the episode of Hypercritical where John talks about Perl, and it got me interested in looking at Perl 6. While brian d foy's Perl 6 book is still being written (meanwhile, there's also a good, short intro here -, I thought to grab a fresh copy of the 7th edition...
​@nick n recommended this to me a long time ago, and I finally got to finishing the entire thing. It's not terribly long or anything, I sort of just forgot about it until recently.
alien ferrets nearby
I could have been clearer here. When I made the substitution in my head it looked more like:  [[SPOILER]]  Of course, heroin addiction is orders of magnitude worse than coffee addiction in terms of the consequences. I just wanted to point out that it was similar to how people rationalize addictions of a worse variety. All said, it was probably not worth making the point, or the post at all. I apologize to the OP if they misunderstood as well. Whatever they choose to drink...
The pink is from the flesh of the bodies that were sacrificed so that my silver cables could retain their 99.9999% purity while playing pink noise.
​You forgot about the third.
​not your mouth
In addition to ProtegeManiac's point:Imagine if the word coffee was replaced by heroin in these sentences; would it sound any less pathological than it already does?
Wish granted, but everybody decides that it is no longer worth it to drive if they are unable to text, and the automotive industry becomes a shadow of its former self. Tesla becomes bankrupt, and as the Martians enforce travel embargos, SpaceX loses its funding. Elon Musk becomes destitute as a result and moves into your garage. I wish Elon Musk moved into my garage so he could transform my bicycles into hoverboards.
while playing Atari
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