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Are all demons ducks, or are all ducks demons? And how statistically common is the name Xeruses in the duck population? These are the hard-hitting questions we need to ask in this community. Not, "do cables make a difference?", or "does this DAC make my butt look big?".   And to the latter, the answer is always, "yes, and there is typically a risk of electrocution".
You should be fighting off demon ducks and dogs with that thing.
    I'm not sure what's so 18+ about this.
I like puppies as well.
Being stuck in the temporal plane of internet cat videos has its perks and its flaws. Mostly perks. But I will say that it has been a hassle buying groceries.
Mine doesn't even tell time all that well.
Is that the one that sells magic pebbles?
I bet he's on an internet farm, prancing around with the other virtual trolls and shills and goldfish. Mind those server racks!
Like Lutefisk. We'd have better luck selling HD800s to Zardak.
You're not the first person I've heard this month advocate for a purge.
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