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Melvins - Electroretard     Art Ensemble of Chicago - Le Stance a Sophie   As Argy probably would have guessed I couldn't read through after the first picture.
Yep. I think he's also backlogged with reshells. Next (month) in Jerusalem I suppose.
79,000 Yen = 528 Euros? That should be right.   You'd think that a good portion of those ten units would be gone at this point. It's been almost 18 hours since they opened sale.
[[SPOILER]]  I'm sure there are plenty of easy and fast ways to learn for the layman to learn in 30 days or your money back guaranteed. Ruby is good and pretty. I believe there's a nice O'Reilly interactive floating around somewhere. Learning the syntax is much less valuable than the problem-solving skills you retain as you apply your newly learned syntax, at least in this day and age. Just point and shoot. If you want a traditional book approach/reference to get your feet...
Bah, almost! What could be fun (if you don't have a job) would be to write something that goes through each line and generates a word out of it from this list of words.Some ideas - Unfortunately for me I'm already thinking of shell
Usually the page gets resolved between 5-10 minutes here.   They probably aren't taking it down to rotate logs or anything. Like Billy said they're probably resetting some switch/router.
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