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Also, Coal Harbour might not be such a certainty at this point. Will let everyone up to date as things progress, but meanwhile, if you have any ideas on venues near CH, do post something :)
I can formally ask him on Friday but GG I think had the half of the PM list with T's username so he should have gotten it by now. Sorry for the delay folks, real life got in the way. I should have everyone who has either posted on the thread or PMed me added onto the list by now. If I missed you, PM me ASAP.
Your total infatuation with all things Hostess seems just a tad bit suspicious. So when can I expect a secret love confession letter written on soggy cardboard around here?
Some things that came up during movie night yesterday.   The Recipe (2010) It was much better than I had expected. Visually delicious (excuse the pun).   Barbie (2012) I didn't expect Lee Chun-Hee to do the character the way he did. The kids were great. Overall painful to watch at the end - but in a good way.
Check your PMs :D   And yes, I'll probably be asked this way too many times so I'll just state it on the thread - from how things are looking it'll likely be Coal Harbour, but Trout Lake is also a possibility.
Ah, of course, Residus Trollus from the Pulpadae species.
Nick you must be talking crazy, they slaughter everything in the $7.36 - $7.38 range as well.
If you're planning to attend the upcoming meet (you really should, it's gunna be good...) and if I find it I could have just given them to you in person :D
I've watched all three and literally could not watch another film the week after that as it just made them pale in comparison.   The first one starts off fine, but the last one is just...
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