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That's fantastic, Wink. By the way, did you know that Fruit of the Loom has nothing to do with Fruit Roll-Ups? The latter is a sort of candy. Candy. Anyways, good week?
​leaving skid marks
adultchild (어른아이) - Dandelion ​ 
​made with gingerbread
Well, here I thought it was because you were still trying to find where we ended up burying those crystal pineapples. At least, that's what I was tr-   ...   Hmm, that time machine sure would be helpful right about now.
​I would prefer the threads to stay separate. The only threads I really follow are Sparerib's threads. I feel that this sub-forum would be a lot less colourful if they were to move to one place. Having them interspersed is part of the appeal for me. ​ ​If a decision between the mods and Spareribs has already been made, then I understand completely. I am happy to follow Sparerib's posts wherever they go.
​They probably hid it underneath a pile of avocados.
​When can we fast forward to Aloha April?
way too busy
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