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Yes, these phones are "fun" and they handle fun music very well.  That being said, mainstream music (no offense, i find it catchy too), rap/hip-hop, electronica, techno and the like just shine on the S500.  Im currently jamming out to Rustie and Lupe Fiasco pretty regularly.  
Je Suis le Vent - Working for a Nuclear Free City   This will really test your gear.
I hope you guys are interested in something new.  I can only describe these guys as electro-gypsy   Beats Antique - Cat Skillz   And for DnB fans   Bassnectar remix of Beats Antique - Roustabout
Link?  I dont see em
The apple earpods sound fine, lots of bass.  they dont like to stay put tho.  I think a great alternative for people who dont like things in their ears it the koss ksc75.  fantastic sound for the money and i hear with a recable they really shine
Just got mine today, did a few frequency sweeps and they match up well with the graphs in the op.  Bass is just lovely, and it doesnt swallow up the rest of the music when it hits.  I'm literaly laughing in awe at how good these phones sound as i type this.  I do agree that upper mids seem a little far away, but they arent so recessed I miss them.  This is exactly what i was looking for in a portable; powerful, fun, easily driven by my clip+ and they look damn good plus...
know where i can get them for 200?
Hey guys, I'm looking for a good set of open phones for downtempo, electronica, dark alt rock.  Heres a few artists i like...  rjd2, Bluetech, the cinematic orchestra, booka shade, beats antique, radiohead, pink floyd.  I'm currently usng some SRH840s and i really enjoy them, but they are heavy, the sound feels cramped and I would more bass extension and deptth. They do my midrange music right but Beats Antique and Bluetech sound a little incomplete on the 840's.  My...
Hey guys, I'm going for a decent budget portable setup here.  Seems like the sanza clip+ is a fav.  Is it just understood that the sanza is amped by people externally?  Or is that little thing gonna drive my SRH840's.  Does it drive IEM's well without an external amp?  Will it fully drive the JVC HA-S500?   What am I giving up if I dont amp the clip+ are the IEM's gonna be fine without amp, the S500 gonna feel lazy and the SRH840 gonna be barely...
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