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This is my expertise.   Video Source on PS3- HDMI   Audio Source on PS3- Optical   Run optical out from your PS3 to your DAC, and make sure the audio output settings on your PS3 are set to stereo, and not any of the surround sound stuff.   This is what I do and it works great.  
A stereo receiver is probably your best bet. Check eBay for a receiver from Onkyo, Denon or Harmon Kardon. Those are all good budget brands with an ample supply of used products. $100 should get you a good condition receiver from Denon or Onkyo, finding one from Harmon is a bit of a stretch, but do some looking. The headphone jacks on those tend to be very neutral, so they allow your headphones to show their stuff, which may or may not be a good thing.   EDIT: Pioneer...
The current DAC in my CD player is not of very high quality, and I am looking for increased quality. I am most likely going to go with the SMSL DAC 1955 on Ebay, unless some one has a major objection.  
Anyone else have any input on this matter?
I realize that, but as a future upgrade, do you know how big of a difference i makes?  
I'm really hesitant on those Ebay DAC's, especially since you say you haven't tried them. The Bifrost I have looked at before, and looks good for the money. Right now though the Firestone Audio DAC looks like my best option, do you know where I could purchase one in USD? Do you have the "supplier" to go with it, or a different power source?   Right now I'm looking at.. 1.) Firestone Audio 2.) Audiotrak DR DAC 2 DX 2.) Bifrost 3.) Audioengine D1 4.) SMSL...
I hate to make another one of these threads, but every DAC thread is about USB, and I rock with a CD player. So I need a DAC with either optical or coaxial input and stereo RCA output. Size doesn't matter, but I do need to stay right around the $250 mark. I have a pretty good nuetral amp and some DT880 pro's.   My list consists of these so far...   Audioengine D1 Zero DAC   I have no idea if either of these are good, especially the zero. I might also be...
Hi, I have recently started doing some multi tasking and would like to be able to switch audio sources on the fly, and listen to multiple stereo sources at once. I had a couple thoughts on how to do this, but none of them worked. So my question to you guys is, how can plug all of my RCA stereo sources into one hub and adjust the volume for each source. I have only found one product so far, and I'm not sure if it will do the...
That was the right choice. :)  
:)   As for the point of this topic, I would still suggests the D2000's from Denon. If you think you might be upgrading headphones in the future you might consider a combined DAC/AMP and get Audio Technica ATH-M50's.
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