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One of the best looking watches I've seen. 
You could say that the owner would have bigger problems than a $100 watch.
I like this one:     The dark grey goes well with red.
Hahaha, yeah I'll try making it!
Puttin' hands up, europe, sweden.
Oh this weekend? Then no, couldn't make it even if I had the moneys for it. But I may make it to london some other time .. a friend of mine has been nagging on me to go there some day, and his relatives own a house somewhere in london.
Hey Moe, my friend. Thanks, yeah, I'm in love with the Wenger and quite a few of my G-Shocks. The rest are a bit down the list though. CanJam would be awesome .. I'm not going to say no immediately, but money is a bit of a concern for me, but if I can get the finances together with some vacation, I'll make sure to get there. Any particular gear of bigger interest to you?
Sounds pretty stupid to me. However, I feel like there has to be some kind of previous case where they have been scammed or so .. don't you think?
Know what? I've got proof for them just standing there. Let me present evidence #1: Jerry Lee Lewis. He made a song about those great balls of fire:  Listen to the lyrics:  It's pretty clear to me that they fell in love with their balls, and let them smack them around in the name of love. No running there, just a whole lot of love for their balls. Ballsy move, in my opinion.  Yeah, well, have you ever seen trains? They weigh like a metric ton, if not two, and they come at...
They are somewhat good looking IMO.
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