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Hahaha, oh this really is hilarious. Not for his fans though, nor for the UFC. But for the rest of us .. this is just too much.
Yeah.. he'll have a press conference. We'll see what excuses he is going to use. Tainted supplements is probably the one.
The chance is abysmal, TBH. B samples are taken from the same blood, so if one shows positive, the chance of the other not showing positive results are slim. Who knows though .. it would an epic mess if B sample did turn out clean. 
Jon's done. This was his big comeback from all the crap he's been pulling on us for some time.    But he just had to go and be himself once again.   Obviously Jon wasn't confident he could beat DC without cheating. Good to know. Let's not forget that out-of-competition tests normally don't test for recreational drugs, so this is some sort of PED.    Edited for a milder language. At the same time I have to laugh about this - this guy, wow, just wow. LOL   Funniest...
Wow, sounds busy! Gonna have to read up on your reviews some day :)
Well, that audio guy behind the O2 was called Voldemort for quite a while...
  What about you, Moe?
You know, could be better. Down a bit. But here's the silver lining: I've had 5 months of bliss, without depression or anything. Oh, and in that time I met a her, and she farts louder than me, a quality I hold precious! 
Have a rejuvenated love to my GA-100 after she said it looks sexy on my arm.  
New Posts  All Forums: