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Thanks man. I appreciate it. I hate being this drama whore, but today's been an exceptionally bad day.
My little Xmas present to myself. :)   Here's the family picture:  
Merry christmas my friends!!!   Thank you for all the suggestions and help I've received in this thread. It's worth its weight in gold to me. <3
Thanks guys, I will have to reconsider my headphones a bit here.   My keepers for the time being:   Denon D2000 Nuforce HP-800 Klipsch X10i (I had some sort of ear infection a few years ago, if you remember, and weirdly enough the only IEMs that really fit me well after it are the X10s) Logitech UE-6000   Unless you consider the UE's portable I only really lack a set of portable closed headphones for commuting. Spirit Pros look so damned good, design wise, that...
So... With a budget of maybe $200 (+-50?, the budget isn't "set"), what headphones would you go for? I've been looking at the M50x and the COP. I could of course get the OG M50 AND the COP, but it kind of feels like it would missing the point. I think I'm getting tired of the giant quantity of headphones, so I'm kind of falling back to having only a few but well loved headphones. There's also the option of the Fidelio X1, which fits into my budget, however they're open...
He's got in his hips, what she has in her neck. Alfonso Ribeiro is one helluva dancer though.
It's not hard to float on ice!
Some of the best latest Swedish hiphop IMHO: Trivia about that last video: the guy who raps inside the tunnel and never shows his face is Sebbe Staxx, an infamous robberer who did one the biggest robberies/heists in Swedish criminal history. Oh well, end of trivia.
DigiFreak, yeah, it seems that the closest translations would be co-op or condominium.
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