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Unfortunately I felt the same way when I got them. It's mainly/ only the pads which are replaceable
Audio Technica Audiophile ATH-AD2000Purchased in Jan 2015 used. Comes with headphone and hardwired A Pure Sound aftermarket Y-cable. 6' Neutrik 1/4" terminated. Condition is unfortunately 2/5. Little nicks and scratches here and there. Pads can be replaced.~$300 [[SPOILER]] NAD VISO HP50Purchased in Jan 2015 used. Comes with original box and accessories. Condition 7/10.~$210 [[SPOILER]] AKG K7XX MassdropPurchased in Jan 2015 used. Comes with original box and accessories....
not the place for this but do you know why it was discontinued? i thought it was pretty well regarded :/
isnt Ether a Norse Mythology thing aka a Schiit thing? maybe this has already been pointed out~
so who are the raffle winners? also will the videos of the seminars be uploaded? Hugo was muy impressive. $_$
HiFiMAN HE-500 purchased in March 2014. Like new with travel case, velour and pleather pads and silver cable. ~$425 Philips Fidelio L1 purchased in October 2014. Like new in box with velour bag, 2 cables and 1/4 inch adapter. ~$85 V-Moda M-100. Great condition in box with travel case, original and XL pads ($20), mic and extension cable. ~$220 Shure SE-215 comes with 3 button cable plus Shure soft carrying case. ~$80 Audio Technica ATH-AD2000. Good condition with...
I honestly had no idea, apparently the price dropped days before I made the post.OBO FTW
Comes with original shipping box and wall-wart. The bottom seems to be scratched up but I mean... It's the bottom. Thanks,
I'm not sure if this has be asked before but has anyone had any experience with the Schiit Mani?
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