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Here is my current setup. At this point of sonic satisfaction and financial (st)ability, I do not feel the need to upgrade. I think I have hit that perfect level of diminishing returns before things start to cost "too much".  I am for now a happy camper 
Finally got my hands on the coveted HE-500 and I have to say, I am very impressed. You know you have a great headphone in your hands when you feel like you are rediscovering music all over again  The huge wall of sound it can convey is amazing and I know this has probably been said thousands of times but the bass, mid range and extension on the treble are amazing to my ears. I spent the night going through my playlist and hearing it excel at everything: Classical, Jazz,...
Either Color.   coffee drinkers rejoice! 
wow... such fail. I wait weeks for the next demo but take a break from head-fi for a week and this happens... :( My first demo missed! oh well, I blame the world cup :) I hope the logistics run as smoothly as the last demo. No more MIA headphones please~ 
 what is the build? PLASTIC?!?! They've gone apple! 
+1  seems like people got the message. IPODs for everyone! 
I'm surprised there isn't a go to input/output switcher. Seems so essential on these forums especially with the rise of all the small budget products like the Schiit Modi and Magni or basically any DAC with only one output. All I want is more outputs.. Thought FIIO had one of these but can't seem to find it. Looks like Schiit will dominate this market even more :) 
Sorry, was supposed to ship Tuesday but couldn't. Shipped it out today. Uh think I got jipped.. Was told that insurance over $1000 required express shipping so paid $45. Called a FedEx location after and she had no idea what I was talking about. FYI don't go to third party shipping depots Thanks for the opportunity Justin!
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