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HiFiMAN HE-500 purchased in March 2014. Like new with travel case, velour and pleather pads and silver cable. ~$425 Philips Fidelio L1 purchased in October 2014. Like new in box with velour bag, 2 cables and 1/4 inch adapter. ~$85 V-Moda M-100. Great condition in box with travel case, original and XL pads ($20), mic and extension cable. ~$220 Shure SE-215 comes with 3 button cable plus Shure soft carrying case. ~$80 Audio Technica ATH-AD2000. Good condition with...
I honestly had no idea, apparently the price dropped days before I made the post.OBO FTW
Comes with original shipping box and wall-wart. The bottom seems to be scratched up but I mean... It's the bottom. Thanks,
I'm not sure if this has be asked before but has anyone had any experience with the Schiit Mani?
Putting up my HE-500 for sale from March 2014. Comes with travel case, silver cable, pleather and velour pads and travel pads. None of the lettering has faded and condition is very good. One thing I did notice is the right doesn't slide as well as the left. I've recently purchased a lot of headphones and need to balance it out. Shipping included. Thanks,
should be be expecting a extensive pad review any time soon??
If you look at Thurson's post above, he recommends the AKG pads which are around $30 for a set so much cheaper than the $60 or whatever the premium pads are charging.I'm glad you found something that works for you
\Yes this is the big issue for me. I will seek out some AKG pads.Many thanks.
Does anyone have any experience with non-Hifiman pads? The HE-500 pads aren't very nice... and the Focus pads are a bit too small for me so I am looking toward other headphone earpads such as Fostex TH series, Audeze, Mad dog, etc. also, cheaper options would be very nice as well
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