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+1  seems like people got the message. IPODs for everyone! 
I'm surprised there isn't a go to input/output switcher. Seems so essential on these forums especially with the rise of all the small budget products like the Schiit Modi and Magni or basically any DAC with only one output. All I want is more outputs.. Thought FIIO had one of these but can't seem to find it. Looks like Schiit will dominate this market even more :) 
Sorry, was supposed to ship Tuesday but couldn't. Shipped it out today. Uh think I got jipped.. Was told that insurance over $1000 required express shipping so paid $45. Called a FedEx location after and she had no idea what I was talking about. FYI don't go to third party shipping depots Thanks for the opportunity Justin!
Wasn't sure what to call it but:   I am sure many of us have desktop speakers as well as headphones so how do you switch between the two?  For example, with the Schiit Modi, I have to manually switch out the RCA cables. Any way or thing that makes this process easier? Obviously it has to be audiophile approved :D    I wish audiophile dacs had 2 outputs.. but most have many inputs with one output.  Thanks, John
Received that LCD-X today. There appears (smells) to be no signs of smoke; They still have that new headphone smell :)   unfortunately for me.. while the earpads are amazing plush (like a cloud, in a great way), they are too plush to the point where my ears touch the drivers (I have a big head..). Audeze seems to have made them extra painful (imagine the outside grill but on the inside). It's okay though, ill just look at them and caress for 3 days then ship them...
dang. I like all this communication and demos being shipped on time. nice job guys. almost my turn. hehehe 
Yes! it took over a year... but I got it. Too bad I moved out and been working 10 hours days :( I wish audiophile dacs and amps had more inputs, outputs, pass through. Would make it so much more conveinient for headphones, speakers, tv, computer, turntable, etc. I mean, if have two, you're pretty lucky. Maybe I should start using my a/v receiver for everything, or maybe go vintage ^^
I'd like to nominate the U-Turn Audio Orbit as well.   also that before after pic was awesome and should be an inspiration to us all.
have you tested with other sources? used other cables? 
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