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Oh I see. For me they were both the same:  vs 
Aren't you technically getting the D2 free with a JAAP? ;p
Definitely look interesting, don't know if I like the trade off of the what could be a clunky over ear piece for battery life.   That being said, have backed it.
Got the GR02's due to a few users saying they are amazing bang for buck. Am not disappointed at all! :D   The bass is so punchy and accurate.
Leaning towards the GR06.
  It is indeed :D the best place to get them from trueblue? They look pretty amazing from the few reviews I've read through 
It now is ;p Shows how long I haven't looked at IEMs for ;p
Can't find a place that ships them internationally for under 20 USD.
Taking a look at the A161 at the moment
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