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Got the GR02's due to a few users saying they are amazing bang for buck. Am not disappointed at all! :D   The bass is so punchy and accurate.
Leaning towards the GR06.
  It is indeed :D
http://lendmeurears.com the best place to get them from trueblue? They look pretty amazing from the few reviews I've read through 
It now is ;p Shows how long I haven't looked at IEMs for ;p
Can't find a place that ships them internationally for under 20 USD.
Taking a look at the A161 at the moment
My current top 3 are   GR06 RE0 Klipsch S4 Brainwavz M2   Any help deciding or new suggestion would be greatly appreciated.    My past IEMs are Nuforce N6's and Dunu 12's.
Completely didn't see that MP4Nation stocked the DUNU. Buying off them.
Leaning towards lendmeurears.com and the DUNU Trident.
New Posts  All Forums: